our Halloweening began on Thursday with our play group Halloween party.
 The kids decorated pumpkins and cookies. Goldie is not a fan of frosting so she just ate her cookie bare. But her pumpkin turned out great.
a cute fellow pumpkin painter

And then we Trunk or Treated on Saturday
Goldie was planning on being Tinkerbell for Halloween and she was thrilled about it. We kept her Tink outfit from her Bday party up in a safe spot so it would be in good shape for Halloween. But Gold's had a sudden change of heart once she saw me dressed up like a pirate for a Girls Night Out Halloween party the week before. So a pirate she was. And the whole family as well.
Yes Folks we have a minivan. Its a good life.
 the littlest pirate was on the run all night
see look at her go
Sissy reigned her in
 here  Gold is with her little pirate friends
love that face. too much candy already?



  1. cute pirates.
    and im totally jealous you have a van. is it an odyssey? do you love it?

  2. cute pics shelly! the girls are getting so big! and im jealous of the mini too!!

  3. what a cute little pirate fam. hazey is getting more hair! just love you hyde folks. and ps...is that the concentration camp shirt that gold's wearing?


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