this week

This weekend was full of fun in the sun. Memorial Day at Mom and Dad's was a great time... volleyball, swimming, splash pad and airboat rides. It has beenso fun to have the Wards in town getting ready for the wedding... and of course playing.

this is our little doll face.

Gold getting pulled around the pool by Henry who tonight declared, while he was playing with her, that Goldie is his favorite cousin

my babe is a real sportster

sisters sisters sisters

Dan was the man for taking us all out on his airboat

This is what all the little kids looked like after playing down by the lake.

mada and my dear fa

Kara and the bride to be, Shanda, with her Mom, Becky

V & N Quigley

my baby is a happy one.

Oh yeah and this is new too! Kara can pull off anything. Thanks for trusting me.


tricky steps

Goldie has always been really strong. She has been standing since she was like 2 months old. She loves to take "walks".... she's pretty darn good at it.

darling darling

gotta love how something so fun can turn into something so SAD

sorry about her grubby nose

The Munch loves her ducky she got for Christmas from Grammy


the night of the buffalo rug

the real gems!!!


Ricker Rick

So I know that is is a good thing... but my world is crumbling before my eyes... First Leah... and now you, Erika! I am seriously in tears just thinking about it. Less than a month and no more Rooster melt downs, Jetter pick ups, Sissy singing or "No! Jo No!"s.
And we can't forget about Teeter Tot's open mouth squeaks.

I'm not sure what exactly got in to us... i believe this was the same night of the buffalo skin rug and the mini van spying at Rachel's.


Our Dear Mothers

We are grateful to have been blessed of goodly parents. Today we are especially grateful for our beautiful, lovely, sweetest mothers. Thank you for all you do for us. We love you.


Come Bask in the Sunshine State

It's always sunny in Florida. Come visit.

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Monday night we took our FHE to the beach... G ate her 1st handful of sand. She loved it.

I seriously took 100 pictures of her. Life is Good with our little family.