I can't believe it's here already

Although I had warm Florida Christmases all growing up... it is still pretty crazy to me that I have been wearing flip flops and John has been surfing right on through Thanksgiving and will be through Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I do love it. I just sorta miss the jacket weather.

what a sweet little reindeer

The park 12/14/08

After a delish Girls lunch at V's to celebrate Erika and Leah's Birthday
both born on december10th, 2 years apart

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! (and yes that is me making a guest appearance in their Bday shot... by that unreasonably big airplane)

Vanessa, Erika, Leah, me and Kara took our total of 18 kids to the park... we started off on bikes, skateboards, ripsticks, and a couple of pairs of roller blades and took the, thankfully short, jaunt over to V's neighborhood park. With great motherly intuition we decided to have Leah follow the gang in my truck to tote back the tuckered out kiddies.

that was almost disastrous

Dang, who knew we could still have so much fun at the park.

Congrats to Collin and Christine Munns

On December 13 these two LOVEBIRDS tied the knot.
We are so happy for them. The bride looked gorgeous, the groom handsome, Dad's house looked beautiful, the food was scrump and the ceremony was perfect. I was very involved so I didn't even manage to get a picture of the 2 of them. All I have to show for the day is this.

That should do for now... I'll update with more pictures later

Love my baby

There have been some random pics and notable events that I have loved but haven't gotten around to posting. I find this is a trend for me. SO I think I'm going to try to do little catch ups

my little sweetheart keeping herself entertained while flying to Utah in September for some weddings

getting a good look from Aunt Shanda's lap while cruising through the Drive Thru Safari... the coolest Zoo type place I have ever experienced. She was not happy when the camels and especially the llamas would get the greater part of their top half all the way in the minivan to eat out of the feed buckets. I hope to post more on this as a catch up post. (not sure why this is underlined)

Thanksgiving Weekend

We loved having Jesse and Sarah and their boys come and stay with us Over Thanksgiving weekend. We ate a great meal... took a trip to the beach... and even looks a sunset ride in the Rendezvous for some fishing in the Dark.

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Buenvenidos a Miami

We were so happy to welcome the Jesse and Sarah Hyde family to FLA. We were able to get down there to visit them the very week they moved down here. We had a lot of fun surprising them by not telling them that David had come to visit. We cant wait to see you this weekend!

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Goldie loves her Auntie Sarah

Jesse, David, Babe



Back in November, I took off for a quick trip to NYC to see my dearest friends. love you

Click here and here for some more footage...

Thanks so much to this little family for letting me join the party.


whats a duck say?

Quack Quack... but Goldie says that a cat, a dog and a horse says Quack too. For a long time now she has had the Quack thing down. She just recently started to MOO! Oh how I love the sounds of my baby.

John's Little brother just got back from his mission about a month ago and has been to Visit twice already... GOldie loves her Uncle David. We miss you Dave.


We are still here

And we will still be going private Really soon... why is it just such a huge commitment. I feel like maybe I will lose something, somebody. Its strange. But here is one of my princess to keep you coming back for more. She is a dream. Our cuddly little firecracker.

We have had Holidays and visitors and trip that have gone unblogged. They will be soon enough!


Happy Birthday to my Caitlin Emma

Meow for Kitten's birthday.

We have all seen better days... but these were some pretty great ones. Living in HP 27, filling up the mug, cruising in Flo and eating.... oh we did some eating. I am so grateful for my fabulous friend Caitlin, Kitten, Kitty, The Kid, Kitstop, Kitten Catton...You are such a woman, Cait. I hope this next year brings only happiness and good fortune to you and your little family. Happy Birthday!



We have decided to make our family blog private. We will be going private this week. Please email me your email address or leave your address here and I will send you an invite. Come one come all... even you bloggers who have not made yourselves known... I'd love for you to be able to visit our blog still. Thanks


Here we are

We are so happy to be here in beautiful Virginia visiting our family out here. The kids are having so much fun together. We flew in on Sunday and have been enjoying the cool weather and GREAT company. Golds has been all over the place. Running around with the big kids.

my baby is loving every minute of being with her cousins

Water fights, pyramids, leg wrestling and other fancy tricks??? What's new?

today we went to lunch at hit up some darling shops

love those girls... we miss you V, H, T, E, L and C

we had a few good little companions while the babies napped at home with Grandma