I am totally in love with my girls. As I sat and had happy thoughts about my children quietly sleeping in my tidy house hearing my dishwasher running i was grateful that my kids were down for the night. It had been a little while since we had tucked them in and left them to fall asleep and I assumed they had drifted off already.  After a mention to my man of how the kids were so tired and must have gone right to sleep i heard some giggling and talking from their room. Most nights this kind of funny business leads to requests of water or a string cheese, im a sucker, or, in worse cases,  all out anarchy where bedtime is foiled all together. But tonight they were great. Perfect little roommates. My little girls get along so well. They love each other and are nice to each other. Goldie is usually quick to share of go with out to avoid the wrath of the Haze. This is key to their budding friendship.  I love seeing my girls being friends. I am so lucky to have my 2 healthy little beauties. Here are some pictures of the girls doing what some of their faves.



Goldie has been loving ballet. She loves Miss amber, John's cousin, and all of her ballet friends. This year some of her cousins started preschool but we decided not to put her in and instead do other things like ballet and soccer. She asks why she doesn't go to school and i tell her because she goes to ballet. On our way to ballet last week she said form the back, "Mom, can we pretend that this is our bus and that we are all riding on our bus to ballet?" so i said of course and we freestyled our own version of The Wheels on the Bus with the ballerinas going "tip tip toe". Hazel joined in and Goldie was pleased with her "bus ride". When we get to class Hazel is fighting to get in and join in on the fun.

Cant wait for her Christmas performance


Mom and Dad's

Before John left for Mississippi for his first round of selling the girls and I stayed behind at my mom and dad's house. We were in hog heaven. Cousins and swimming all day. I'm getting sad just remembering how fun it was. My girls missed their dad so much, often Goldie would fall asleep crying for Daddy but the cousins and the frenzy of activity eased the pain. We were so happy to be there with all our people that we love but were counting down the days until we were with our daddio again.
Taking a ride on the Mule around to see the hogs
 3 monkeys

We miss these rides and these kids. xoxo

Beaching it one last time

I am still in heaven here surrounded by mountains and loving it but i know that these warm summer days are coming to an end and we are going to be missing the perfect "winter" Florida weather. 
These are some pics of one of the last beach days as a resident of our cute beach town.
My Golds misses her Kitty
 Auntie V and Sophia Blue
My curly girl's pearl necklace broke about a month ago... we are heartbroken.
Baby Hazey
Man. We are going to miss these days at the beach. 
We miss you Florida Family. More than you know. All of you!!!


I've been "folking"

We are still alive.  We're here in Utah.  John started school already and our life is moving right along. This summer was busy with moving all around. John was busy selling alarms and working with his partner, and brother in law, Nate, on FOLKSTORY.  There have been many releases in our Beta stage and we are still working hard to make Folkstory the best place share, keep, and (soon) print your stories. I have been waiting for the right release to share with you and this is the one. We have just release "Share beyond Folkstory". So I can now share this Cute video along with the post I posted on Folkstory. Take a few minutes to just sign up, its free!!, and get started. Please, any and all of you. We are getting really excited about Folkstory and would love your feedback. Please email me any questions or input you might have. Open my video link and get started!


Circle of MOMS

Check it out people. They like us. And if you do too vote for our blog. I have been a bad  blogger but I have many pictures to come and adventures up our sleeves. We head out tomorrow for our trek across the country.


wanna go to paris?

You still have 27 hours and about 20 minutes to enter. This would be amazing!!!


Daddy time

We have a short little window of time where we can spend some qt with dad these days. The girls love their dad. He is much more fun than I am. He plays pretend and talks in silly voices. Goldie loves showing and telling eveything to daddy. All through out the day she will say "I'm gonna show my daddy this and he's going to say" ( with a scrunched up nose) "what theHECK". He is always on her mind. As far as haze goes... She has just started calling me mama and not daddy. You get the point.
Wrestling around with daddy and taking pretend naps.

Posted on the GO


Sweet Ivy Girl giveaway

I have a darling, talented little girlfriend, Erica, who is celebrating her birthday with a giveaway on her blog. Check it out and give your luck a try! You could win earrings and a belt!


Getting along

We are having a good time here in the Magnolia State. John is busy and we have been hanging with the moms and kids here. Goldie has made some good friends already with the kids. The most exciting thing for me as a mother, in light of Mother's day, is that my girls are getting along. They play so well together. Goldie is always looking out for Haze, even though Hazel takes every chance to grab on to her hair and pull a clump out, or pinch her with her teeny little hands. Goldie wants Hazel to be happy. If Basil is sad or acting like something isn't working out for her Goldie is quickly coming to me and reporting why Haze is upset. Hazel is getting so big and so smart. She is keeping up with her big sis in just about anything these days. We live in an apartment with an elevator and Goldie and Hazel are great button pushers. Goldie presses the button first and then goes over to Haze and lifts her  up to repress it. Then Hazey runs right in to the elevator and backs up to the wall and reaches her little arm up to hold on tight to the railing. I am loving my life. The girls are healthy and sweet. My husband is handsome and works so hard. The gospel is real. Proof, if I needed any, is here, in Jackson Mississippi, in a tiny branch where the gospel is strong and testimonies growing, young men are being prepared for missions, baptisms are happening. I had a wonderful Mother's day yesterday. I'm so grateful for the mothers in my life that are constant and loving.... Especially my beautiful Mom.
this was a beloved spot before we had to move our couch. The girls would climb up and sit in the window and eat their meals. (we have no kitchen table)
these girls live off of drinkable yogurts