Daddy time

We have a short little window of time where we can spend some qt with dad these days. The girls love their dad. He is much more fun than I am. He plays pretend and talks in silly voices. Goldie loves showing and telling eveything to daddy. All through out the day she will say "I'm gonna show my daddy this and he's going to say" ( with a scrunched up nose) "what theHECK". He is always on her mind. As far as haze goes... She has just started calling me mama and not daddy. You get the point.
Wrestling around with daddy and taking pretend naps.

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  1. Love these pics. BTW! Erica from your previous post has a lot of mutual friends with me but I don't think I know her. Just thought it was interesting that I know a bunch of peeps on her friends list and that commented on her blog. Small world.

  2. we miss you guys! tonight on our way to take out the trash we passed by your old door, and cash sighed and said, "man. i sure do miss that goldielocks girl..."

  3. what a sweet family you have :)


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