Getting along

We are having a good time here in the Magnolia State. John is busy and we have been hanging with the moms and kids here. Goldie has made some good friends already with the kids. The most exciting thing for me as a mother, in light of Mother's day, is that my girls are getting along. They play so well together. Goldie is always looking out for Haze, even though Hazel takes every chance to grab on to her hair and pull a clump out, or pinch her with her teeny little hands. Goldie wants Hazel to be happy. If Basil is sad or acting like something isn't working out for her Goldie is quickly coming to me and reporting why Haze is upset. Hazel is getting so big and so smart. She is keeping up with her big sis in just about anything these days. We live in an apartment with an elevator and Goldie and Hazel are great button pushers. Goldie presses the button first and then goes over to Haze and lifts her  up to repress it. Then Hazey runs right in to the elevator and backs up to the wall and reaches her little arm up to hold on tight to the railing. I am loving my life. The girls are healthy and sweet. My husband is handsome and works so hard. The gospel is real. Proof, if I needed any, is here, in Jackson Mississippi, in a tiny branch where the gospel is strong and testimonies growing, young men are being prepared for missions, baptisms are happening. I had a wonderful Mother's day yesterday. I'm so grateful for the mothers in my life that are constant and loving.... Especially my beautiful Mom.
this was a beloved spot before we had to move our couch. The girls would climb up and sit in the window and eat their meals. (we have no kitchen table)
these girls live off of drinkable yogurts


  1. Looks like so much fun!! I ran into Michelle Clark the other day and gave her a big hug since I hadn't seen her since Ragnar. The first thing out of her mouth was, 'So, Do you miss Shelly like crazy?' Made me sad because I had to say, YES! We talked about you in boot camp this morning too. So, glad to see you are happy though!


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