Baby Haught is here

Kara was a trooper today. Baby girl arrived just as her mother's epidural wore off.

This little rascal didn't wait for her cousin.

She is a little doll. 7lbs 6oz and so so darling. We all love her so much already.
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What the

So here we are... Kara's water broke at 230am and she is moving right along. This was NOT in the plans. Yesterday I had a dr appt where I confirmed both of our induction dates for NEXT wednesday, the 7th. Looks like I'll be going in with out her.

Seriously... she was due AFTER me.

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There's nothing like mail

My Golds can agree with me. Her Auntie Al Tunes sent her a birthday package, to share with her sister, of course. We couldn't wait for her birthday, or for her sister to arrive, so we opened right away.

Thank you Tuna for the gifts. Goldie loves you and your candy! Can't wait for you to come back to Florida to meet Goldie's little sis. We miss you.



Goldie and I woke up to Dad coming home from seminary, which is such a treat because we don't see him in the AM anymore, to spend the first part of the day together.
Before Dad went back to work we ate breakfast together, watched jojo's circus together, read a book together, did some work around the house together, and blew bubbles together. After lunch he was off to work and Gold and I were off to the pool. It's nap time now. So far this weekend is off to a good start.

Enjoying her pop pop after the pool today.

The app I have been using is BlogPress. Super easy... User friendly.
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Mobile pics

My doll taking a ride

She loves the potty... We are NOT training yet... Just becoming familiar with the idea

Showing the kids the lobster we picked up for Go Dad's birthday dinner

I like this blogging from my phone. I may just be doing this more often.


Count down

So we are readily approaching the arrival of baby girl #2. I couldn't be more excited to meet this this princess and see what she looks like. We have been steady getting this place ready for her... checking off tasks from our "to do before #2" list. It has been really fun to know the gender of the baby this time. I have been able to collect little items for her here and there. Oh I can't wait... and i won't have to wait long... only 4 and a half weeks.

here are some beach shenanigans we have been up to

the sisters and I were feeling our oats and decided to venture out to the waves

K and I got a good ride in on this wave
just a slight sand burn on my huge belly

My pretty little baby

{please excuse my garms}