bonfire and beach

last week Kara and the kids had a sleep over at our little house. Its a little tricky adding 3 more kids and an adult in to out beach bungalow. So we laid the babies down, {Hazey in my room, Charbo in Hazey's room, with a guest bed for Kara} and set the kids bed up on Goldie's floor and we took off to a bonfire on the beach with Vanessa and some of our friends from the ward, and then to coldstones for some tart and tangy. It was a great night (with no photo documenting). The next day we got up and headed to the beach to meet EM and Jack. It was a beautiful day. Everyone was loving life, except Charlotte, who would not let her feet touch the sand. At first we thought it was the soft sand, then the wet sand, but really she just wouldnt have any part of the sand. So Kara had to carry her around until she rigged a little seat for her with a boogie board under her feet. She was happy... and then... she got brave and started to walk. She was finally about to come out from under the umbrella and play. And she was happier.

Cute little babes loving the sand and water
 Crazy Barks. It was a slow transition.

We got lots of pics of the babies but these girls were not having it... look at that rotten face on Goldie.

Didnt get any pics of Jack and Em. Sorry guys.


just call us carnies

Emily, Kara, Shanda and I took the kids to the Silver Spurs Fair. These little people loved every second of it. Austin, Kate and Goldie had wrist bands so they could as many rides as they wanted. About an hour in to it Kara left with Hazey and Charbo and the big kids and I stayed on. They rode and rode until they were beat. They were seriously falling asleep on the last couple of rides. Goldie is still talking about it. She asked routinely if we can got to the fair. I explained to her that the fair packed up and went to another city so the other kids can ride and have fun like we did. Now or conversations go like the one the just happened. 
ME: "Goldie, do you want to go to the park?" 
Gold:"No, I want to go to the fair."
ME:"The fair is gone. But we can go to the park."
Gold: "Lets drive to another city to go to the fair! Is that a great idea?"
She is smart. And adorable. And so are the rest of these carnies.
this ride was cracking my up. this is a ride i used to ride at this same fair in high school. somehow it made it to the kiddie area and the height limit is shorter. these kids were hilarious on it. 
i was seriously dying up when I saw how this picture came out. These little sleds were going so fast! I was getting sick just watching them ride.


Sunday stroll

The weather is perfect these days. Sunday after naps we took a stroll to the beach. These little babes love the beach.

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The slumber party

Last month John and I went to Utah for 5 days and left the girls with Kara. The day we got back Kara and Sam took off with the Wild Florida team to Canada for a trade show for 5 days (which was a total success). So the Haught and Hyde kids spent every waking moment, and sleeping moment for that matter, together. It was quite the crew. The first 5 days kara reported bliss and happiness. The last 5 were a little different story. I think 5 days was The max for the partying for the kids. But we partied on through. Here are some highlights.(phone pics)
First night. All three big kids were in bed with me. Look how Goldie and late love each other.

Took a trip to to godad's house for a little break. The kids played in the feeder pond and we took a little ride to see the animals.


The days were a blur. We had good moments and hard ones. The pics are of the good ones.

Babies waiting for dinner.

The kids went with auntie Em to collect some eggs. There were a lot.

When John was home on Saturday we even took the kids to the park.

Yes folks. We took this bunch of kids to church.

Monday was a great day. The kids were so nice to each other. The babies napped well. Austy was a great helper boy. Thankfully it was a good day because after the Sunday from hell I needed it.
So I took them to mcdonalds. Everyone was happy.

This adventure was memorable. These kids love each other. Thanks for loving my babies while we were gone K&S ... It was easy to love yours while you were.
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