6.25 teeth

she was hilarious in this no shirt old hand-me-down bib getup i had her in for ravioli dinner

look at those teeth... i love when i catch the occasional glimpse of them...

and then there is this face... when she id mad all you see are those teeth



So maybe I haven't been taking any pictures but somebody has.... I am here at Kara's house looking at her pics and Hey!!!! i hit the jack pot...

these are from spur of the moment family weekend to the Ichetucknee River

(more pictures from this weekend... coming right up... next post)

G, Kit and Rusty... what a good helper

Grandma bought the little ones their halloween costumes

How much does Shanda look like she could be our sister

Mr and Mrs Samuel Dale Haught mba... and family

Sam graduated from Rollins College with his MBA... a great reason to celebrate
over an amazing meal at Houston's

They couldn't accommodate the 9 of us so Ma and Dad had to sit across aisle from us

We are freaks... we cant get enough of these self portraits


Nasty Ol' Fay

UPDATE... I HAVE NOT BEEN TAKING PICTURES... we have survived the storm escaping with a slight leak in our living room ceiling... Tropical storm Fay was ugly here... i was stuck in St Cloud while Fay came through town and just about flooded out our house. the water came up to about 2 feet away from our front door. John called me when his office shut down early with an update of the waters... he said he was walking outside on the sidewalk and the water was up to his knees... someone in a kayak and a dude paddling on a surfboard had just cruised by the road behind our house... by the time i got home on Thursday the standing water around our street had been pumped out... thank heavens.

this is for real... just west of our house.

this is the park right next to our house.

the braid brigade... while we had evacuated to Mom an Dad's house during that nasty ol' Fay... we partied til our wheels fell off... Erika and SHanda were visiting so we counted ourselves lucky that we had an excuse to have a big sleepover... V's kid's school was cancelled... we ate lots of food played lots of "canasty" and even swam through the storm... pics to come.


Goldie hanging out with her best friend...

She has her 7th tooth coming in
this is my favorite thing

this particular night i asked john to go lay down with her (aka put her to bed... we are not one bit "baby wise" we break all the rules) so he was supposed to be getting her settled down and i heard them in our room.. she was laughing like crazy... i swear it was like 2 minutes later... i came in to take over and found this... what ever works.


Catch up

More from the family reunion in Fallon