my rugged hus

 oh he's so handsome

...my father-in-law  is pretty darn good with his camera on his phone...
we were in the desert, the beautiful desert, for christmas
i am still trying to get settled back in
haven't even uploaded my pictures from the trip yet


jammie girls

our silly big girls and their bottles

Bogin Munns and Munns Christmas 09

we went to my dad's firm's Christmas luncheon and it was, once again, DELISH.

Hazel and her Grandma and GoDad Munns

this is amazing... love this man

we are missing vanessa, heather and emily in these pictures but we didnt take the camera out until after all was done... oh yes and VQ had a beautiful musical number, Mary's Lullaby. she did a great job.

we were so happy in these pictures... both showing A LOT of gums


park mishap

tuesday afternoon park trip/ park dip
we met kara and the kids for a quick running an playing time.
with the holiday hussle and bussle Goldie has been very needy as far as cousin time goes
she can't get enough of them. and they of her. as a matter of fact upon our arrival Goldie was greeted with a running hug from first austin and then kate. she is lucky to have these guys.

 anyway so the park equipment started to bore this little group of kids and so with austin pointing the way with his beloved stick, he had just found it but was already attached to it, and the two little princesses in tow he headed accross the path to the pond. i followed.

Kate and Aust sat nicely at the waters edge

While Goldie was just minding her business

until she found something she wanted... the stick. some how my little Gold got her hands on the stick and began the playing at the waters edge... then


needless to say this trip was cut short and Goldie went home in her diaper.


At Ma and Pa's house

there is no shortage of things to do at my folks place... the new fav... canoe rides

...darling little life preserved passengers...

Kate, the Dec 11th Birthday Girl

kitter (in her pretty birthday skirt), dex and golds on her very day of birth

...he's out of here...
he's had enough of those silly girls
...pardon g's ratty little hairs..




oh my heavens

look at that face

my little hazelnut is such a little dream. she is good to her mama and loves to be alive.
i take her in tomorrow for her 2 month well baby visit. i am guessing she is about 11 and a half pounds by now. at her 1 month visit her head was in the 10th percentile...  we will see if she starts the head growth spurt like her sister did. it was at about this age when the doctor began to remark on how LARGE Goldie's head is... he still does. anyway, we shall see.


my babies

What do you think... do they look alike?

i took these pictures yesterday morning... and they were looking oh so familiar... i loved this little snap down jammie for Goldie... so glad Hazel gets to give it a go now.


SHE's Gettin Hitched

oh my dearest Al Tunes... I couldn't be more happy for you

soon to be Mr and Mrs Wadsworth


zoo day

I had plans today
plans to clean my kitchen floors, clean the bathrooms, windex the sliding glass doors, scrub the shower,
pay my baby bills, order my baby announcements... I even had plans to take a nap
but I ended up at the zoo... with these guys

...the cutest little turtles I've ever seen...

...our favorite exhibit is the giraffe feeding..

...little zoo goers...

...our new friend...
we will be back to see you again