park mishap

tuesday afternoon park trip/ park dip
we met kara and the kids for a quick running an playing time.
with the holiday hussle and bussle Goldie has been very needy as far as cousin time goes
she can't get enough of them. and they of her. as a matter of fact upon our arrival Goldie was greeted with a running hug from first austin and then kate. she is lucky to have these guys.

 anyway so the park equipment started to bore this little group of kids and so with austin pointing the way with his beloved stick, he had just found it but was already attached to it, and the two little princesses in tow he headed accross the path to the pond. i followed.

Kate and Aust sat nicely at the waters edge

While Goldie was just minding her business

until she found something she wanted... the stick. some how my little Gold got her hands on the stick and began the playing at the waters edge... then


needless to say this trip was cut short and Goldie went home in her diaper.


tell me what you think.