an A for effort

note to self... do not use garbage can to prop up camera to take family pictures
...a human being would have been helpful enough to tell us that we were missing johns head...
oh well... we tried

...our fancy little camera has a face detecting self timer. crazy that it can really tell if you sneak a peek at the camera before you are ready...

...I love my little dear...

...and my bigger little dear...

weekend of thanks

We spent our weekend being thankful for all of our family... near and far.
Oh yes and we were thankful for GoDad's pool

...we did a lot of relaxing... and eating, of course...

Jake Tiff and the kids came home for the week...we were thankful for that too




...don't be fooled. she may not look like it but Goldie was thankful too...


happy hazel

im sorry if I am a little excessive... actually I know I am... but i can seriously take hundreds of pictures of this little Hazely Girl. I can't get enough of her.
this girl is a happy one. this morning she was happy to be getting changed.
she has started smiling all the time now.
we love our hazel girl

and she loves her sister


the baby

oh she's my little baby Hazey. love this little face. I cannot believe she is changing so much. I feel like i didn't get enough of the days when she was so limp and sleepy... she is bobbing around and moving that little head of hers so much now. I love this little one. She's perfect.


oops missed these

can't believe I missed these gems from Halloween Night


The Kate Dress # 14

a message from Caitlin Wilson.....


If any of you know my sister, Courtney, you probably know that she has impeccable style. She is classy, tailored, and feminine- a real life Audrey Hepburn. But you may not know that she is a closet fashion designer and she's got a real talent. So, a few of her friends made her enter one of her dress designs in the Dare to Design Contest for Shabby Apple, and guess what??? Her dress made the top 15!

So, I need all of you to vote for her darling little dress

Believe me, you will want this dress in your closet and the only way to get it is to VOTE FOR IT! If she wins, it will go into production for the Spring 2010 line! All you have to do is go here and leave a comment with #14 in it...that's all! The voting ends NOVEMBER 30th!

* AND If you vote for the Kate Dress, leave a comment with your email address here on my blog and I will do a designer fabric GIVEAWAY on November 30th! I will enter your name in a drawing to win a pair of custom made designer pillows from yours truly!


(Cait is good on her word.... go to her blog and leave a comment to enter to win)


Sunday Sunday

today was the MOSt beautiful day. When we got home from church we laid out on our tiny piece if grass on the side of our "villa" and enjoyed some pirates booty and some pink lemonade. we read books and took a few pics. John said while we were sitting outside... "this is what sundays are for"

my goldie girl, chomping on some ice

oh my little baby heart...

there is nothing like that little furrowed brow

a paci war

Goldie LOVEs our baby Hazel. She will often times in the middle of playing stop and dote on her saying "teeny baby" "so Cute" She loves to hold her, and loves to grab her moving hands while saying "catch it"
AND she LOVES to give Hazel her paci (and take it away)

a good poke in the cheek

SO helpful, SO helpful
 such a comfort she is.


big kids

I cannot believe how big these kids are getting. When I saw this picture it really hit me. Don't they look like a bunch of big kids out playing in the driveway!

the beloved cozy coupe

Goldie would NOT leave the coupe for fear that Kate might swoop in

which she did ( I love that G is in the background playing)

This little Goldie was SO brave at her well baby visit. The nurse was treating her like a big girl and was casually telling her that she was going to measure her and take her temperature and she even had Goldie stand up on the scale... Goldie was feeling pretty good. So when the time came for her shots, I took the nurses lead and starting talking to Goldie about how the nurse was going to come back in the room and she was going to have to lay up the table and pull up her pants and that the nurse was going to give her a "pokey". I even told her that the "pokey" was going to hurt but that it was ok because we could have candy after the "pokey". It worked. She was prepared for the shot and only let out a little whimper... i think she would have cried more if she didn't have this Dora bandaid put on it immediately. This picture was taken 3 days after our appointment... she didnt want to take that thing off. She would check on it through out the day... I'd hear her say "there she is" and she'd have her shorts pulled up pointing at her bandaid.



she's a pro poser... this we the first shot I took at the park yesterday... didn't need anymore

and this little honey is just as sweet as can be


the blog

under construction
i was messing with my html crap and i lost just about everything... we needed a new do anyway.


Lake Wales Park

this weekend we went to Lake Wales, the middle of nowhere, for Jordan's SVU football game. the game didn't start until 1pm so we took off to find a park to celebrate Austin's 4th birthday

The Birthday Boy


The Golds

the girls, up to their regular shenanigans

the kids played so well and so hard together
they have so much fun together

me and my honey