a paci war

Goldie LOVEs our baby Hazel. She will often times in the middle of playing stop and dote on her saying "teeny baby" "so Cute" She loves to hold her, and loves to grab her moving hands while saying "catch it"
AND she LOVES to give Hazel her paci (and take it away)

a good poke in the cheek

SO helpful, SO helpful
 such a comfort she is.


  1. aww i love goldie taking care of her little sister

  2. ohhh shelly... I am in love. with your little girls. and I just got a little bit sad looking at that little hazel, cause it hit me that I haven't yet had the chance to kiss her tiny face and welcome my newest baby niece into the world. oh great, now my eyes are actually filling up with tears. I NEED to see that little girl


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