my baby is a daredevil

She is not afraid of anything. She is always  climbing all over everything and just throwing herself around. She is an excellent slider. I love this little daredevil. She was sick earlier this week and was VERY needy. I had to hold her all day. She would get feeling brave and wanted to get down and play but it wouldn't be long until she was wandering back for me for some good "arms tucked in, head on my shoulder" snuggling.


dressing up

Goldie's favorite thing to do! She must look at all of her options while choosing her dressups.
silky robe...check
fluffy skirt...check
glass slippers...check
change of mind...check
silky skirt to go with silky robe...check
beautiful necklace...check
pretty top to go under silky robe...check
sparkly wand to finish the whole princess ensemble...check!



barbie mouthwash

This little monkey has gotten the hang of her barbie mouthwash. She is pretty darn good at it. Last time Dad was home in time for her teethbrushing he was quite impressed by her swooshing. She had got it down pat.

"Buddy and Buzz"

Goldie has been so in love with Toy Story 3 since we saw it in the theaters. She has been asking for "Buzz toys" for a log time now. So last week I broke down and took her to the store to pick out a toy. We came home with 3. She is in heaven with her "Buddy" "Buzz" and "Josie", no matter how many times I tell her their names she always goes back to these.  When we brought them home we wrote her name on their boots. She thought that was awesome. Just like Andy.
Yesterday in Stake Conference Goldie had brought her beloved Buzz toys with her and I hadn't grabbed anything for the baby to play with. While Goldie was playing with some of the many toys scattered on the floor, Hazel wanted to play with one of the buzz toys that Dec had gathered and was protecting between his legs. I asked Goldie to give one of her toys to Hazel because she didn't have anything to play with.  It was so sweet to see Goldie grab her Buzz ans hand it over to her little sissy. Dec quickly tried to take it from Haze and Goldie grabbed it back from him and said "No Declan, Hazey wants to play with  it. Don't make her sad."
It was a happy moment for a mother. These girls are so nice to each other. It doesn't happen quite this well, without mom's assistance but I was grateful for this moment, while we were sitting in conference, trying to take it all in, that i didn't have to referee it.


My "Show Junkies"

One of Goldies first words was "show." She LOVES her shows still. Here she is teaching her sis, who is equally obsessed with shows, the ropes. Actually Hazel is more obsessed with the actual DVDs. When I get the DVD case out she goes bananas. She gets so excited. 
These little ladies get a long so well. I feel so lucky.


Heavenly Holiday

It was so great to have such a wonderful holiday this year. We decided to do our own thing for
Christmas Eve (phone pics to be uploaded) and Christmas morning this year. We hadn't decided what exactly we were going to do so on Christmas Eve morning we decided we would take the girls to see Tangled. (round 2 for John and the girls... the first time was when I was out of town and he took both girls to the movie... it lasted about 45 minutes before Haze was acting like a crazy person and they had to bail) We went to the movie, had popcorn and soda and LOVED it. Then went to lunch and sat in the little park area near the theaters. The day was full of lounging and loving having our Dad home ALL DAY.  We went to a great Christmas party at my friend Tina's house, where on the way we had a feisty conversation about how we are going to incorporate Santa in to our family traditions (if John had it his way he would be completely left out). When we got home we opened our Christmas pjs and we read in Luke of the birth of the Savior. It was a prefect Eve. In the morning we had to wake Goldie up at about 8:30 and had the best time watching the girls open their gifts. They were so excited about everything. Goldie was so cute about thanking us after each present. SIDE NOTE::Goldie was so adorable about Christmas. EVERYTHING was about "baby Jesus".... Baby Jesus present, baby Jesus Candy... you name it.... It was about baby Jesus. After we opened our presents we packed up and went to my parents for our Christmas breakfast of Creamed Shrimp on Toast (this year I added Alice Bolen's Carmel French Toast to the Christmas breakfast menu...  check out Alice and her French Toast)
We ate and opened and exhanged presents and ate and napped all before our Christmas Dinner...which was heavenly. We stayed all weekend and lounged and played games and ate some more. It was a GREAT holiday. I am a lucky girl.
our tree and our modest gifts (a JWHyde family tradition)
Personal name tags (also a JWHyde family tradition carried on from my family)
Growing up in a family of 12 kids Christmas day was a long one. My dad would sit in a chair at the tree and one present at a time would call out each cleverly written name tag like To "Shining Shelly" Love "Mother Kind and Dear." You can imagine that this would take FOREVER. It did. But we all loved it. Our friends from the neighborhood would come by at noon and we would still be steadily opening presents. Oh those were some good days.

JW, however, has not adopted this name tag creativity as a tradition... maybe next year
 Daddy's little helper elf
my sweetest little Hazelnut loving her baby
Sis showing Haze her new princess doll
The girls got tents and they LOVED them. Good thing they opened them last or it would have been all over.
Oh that face of hers
While we were talking and checking out my sweet christmas present my honey got me (nikon d3100, which i am returning... long story) I realized I hadnt heard Hazel for a bit and wen tot look where she was. This is NOT typical of her but she was up to no good. 
Not happy I took her away from her fun.
 mascara in her teeth and all
We head to my the folks house
this is my baby's secret... she never took a paci but she has an obsession with brown latex nipples.... a serious obsession. she has one in right now as she plays.
opening up their presents from her grandmunns'
jordy(in his new fancy lounging robe):shanda:sophia blue
 cute little kitta
the ladies and our babies (where were you Heather?)
Oh dear... we didn't even get one family picture over the holidays... with all the dressing up and partying we did... what a shame.