"Buddy and Buzz"

Goldie has been so in love with Toy Story 3 since we saw it in the theaters. She has been asking for "Buzz toys" for a log time now. So last week I broke down and took her to the store to pick out a toy. We came home with 3. She is in heaven with her "Buddy" "Buzz" and "Josie", no matter how many times I tell her their names she always goes back to these.  When we brought them home we wrote her name on their boots. She thought that was awesome. Just like Andy.
Yesterday in Stake Conference Goldie had brought her beloved Buzz toys with her and I hadn't grabbed anything for the baby to play with. While Goldie was playing with some of the many toys scattered on the floor, Hazel wanted to play with one of the buzz toys that Dec had gathered and was protecting between his legs. I asked Goldie to give one of her toys to Hazel because she didn't have anything to play with.  It was so sweet to see Goldie grab her Buzz ans hand it over to her little sissy. Dec quickly tried to take it from Haze and Goldie grabbed it back from him and said "No Declan, Hazey wants to play with  it. Don't make her sad."
It was a happy moment for a mother. These girls are so nice to each other. It doesn't happen quite this well, without mom's assistance but I was grateful for this moment, while we were sitting in conference, trying to take it all in, that i didn't have to referee it.

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  1. is that a bird cage in the background? that looks like fun!


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