some kitchen sink bathtime

these two really like each other


I love seeing my big girl in underpants (we were almost potty trained and then, something happened... she has revolted peeing everywhere, including kara's car... were trying to stick it out though)
cute little face there Hazey

potty break



This morning we went to the beach. It was perfect. We went with Emily and Jackson. The weather was perfect and the water was calm. Goldie was loving the water and the shells she collected. Haze was content sitting in the water with me where she fell asleep and took a good little nap under our umbrella. 
We are loving the beach these days. The girls are so good there. I love to play in the sand with them. Goldie is so good at collecting shells and treasures in her bucket and digging holes all over the beach. Hazel eats sand. a lot of it. last week she pooped straight sand the day after a beach day.... actually the day i took these pictures. 

this is my little beach baby monster
oh i love those little lobes. she is so sweet. AND she loves her mama.

this girl, in her suit from last year, was feeling quick on this trip 

i love her halo of unruly hair


Bandaid obsessed

One of the many applications yesterday.

Oh the many bandaids this girl goes through.

Phone post