Seminary 2010

This is a good bunch of kids. JW was the seminary teacher this past year. The kids loved him. Who wouldn't.


my daughters

goldie is a motherly girl. she comforts her sister and her little toys with a mothering hand... literally it is a slightly cupped hand, like this one, that she offers for comfort. one morning this week she came out of her room like she does every morning, way too early, and I happened to be awake and in the kitchen. she came out with her arms full of all of her little kitties (her favorite toys). she walked right past me with a quick, raspy "mom, I'm awake" and sat down on the rug leaning over and gently placing her cats down saying "these are my daughters." she talked and played and patted and picked up and carried around "her daughters" until she was ready for breakfast.

today this was her daughter

she's already learning how to do everything with one arm.. just like her mama


a little hitler

I know that sounds bad but... seriously... she looks a little like him
open this picture and see how she applied mascara to her perfect little unibrow 

oh she looks so pretty

lunch with Declan

Goldie is so lucky to have her many cousins so close by. She loves them so much. Especially this little guy.
after sacrament meeting is over in on Sundays in our ward the little kids go running looking for each other to go to nursery together. the other week Kara's family and Vanessa's family were all sitting just rows away from ours. as soon as we said "Amen" after the closing prayer Goldie looked back at Kara's row and yelled "We're done Kitty" then she jumped and ran for Declan who was running up to our row and they embraced.... a real true, loving, giggly, embrace. and then Kitty joined in. what lucky little kids.

backyard heaven

we've moved in to a great little house just blocks from the beach. the night we moved in john and I stood out under our carport and we could hear the waves crashing. life was looking up for us. our little place is a bit larger than the last rental was inside with a bigger kitchen and an extra bedroom but the biggest upgrade for our little family is the backyard. we are in heaven. it's like a new lease on life. When the cousins come over we have a place for them to romp around. Goldie spends hours in the backyard coming in with sweaty cheeks and curly hair for drinks and "rests." the backyard just got better last weekend when we spent the best 15 bucks of the year so far and got ourselves a pool.

 we'll be spending most of our summer back here.

daddy's garden

after reading the omnivore's dilemma john got to thinking... "we oughta plant a garden".. so we did... actually he did.
i watched from the window in our bedroom with the baby while my man was sweating like a beast out working the earth. (truth be told i helped a long and hard hour and a half, maybe 2 hours, until the baby woke up... and then i went inside)... 3 trips to lowes, 20 bags of manure and one broken sprinkler pipe later we had ourselves a pretty little garden. he did a mighty fine job, that John Hyde. it is thriving and growing. Goldie still checks on "daddy's garden" frequently. while I was away at Ali's wedding each time i talked to her she would walk the phone to the window and show me "daddy's garden." She loves getting out there with him to water and weed.  Goldie loves her daddy... and his garden. 
I wish i had documented the very start... this was about 3 weeks later... not too shabby

this handsome man. i love this man

a good little helping princess. she tried to keep her feet clean... didn't work so well

Virginia's for lovers

for lovers of our newest little munns grandbaby boy
Ace Wade Anderson

Emily, Kara and I, with our babies in tow, caught a flight out to Virgina Friday morning to see little Ace. It was so fun to get on the plane, the three mamas and our babies. We were a real sight to behold.

First stop was the hospital to see Erika and Ace
Proud Grandmother of 42 (this being #41)... yes there has been another since
blog edit.... it is official... we have too many grandbabies that I have lost track... 
there are actually only 41 and this was #40
the girls visiting with Auntie and Grandma

We had a great time with the Anderson kids at home.  We went to the park and had lunch with them on saturday and then Kara Shanda and I went to Lexington to do a little shopping. 
good little shopping girls

Lottie and Haze got to spend a little bit of time with Ace while we were there too.

that didn't last too long

the Wads

{ So lame that it has taken me so long to post about this glorious event. I have been doing a little blogging strike to get my butt back in to gear with my scripture reading... not quite there yet but this no-blogging was getting out of hand}
so the weekend was a success. the time spent with the girls was much needed. i just dont get enough of cait these days. it was fun to get Livi and Hazel together, we did NOT get enough photos of the babies together. but more importantly... the wedding was perfect. the Bolen's place was the most picturesque venue.  ali was looking beautiful and nate equally handsome.  ali was glowing all day. nate is the perfect match for our little ali girl. i loved being there for every bit of it... i just wish John and Golds had come along.
Mr and Mrs Nathan Wadsworth

there was much work and little play.... out for some supplies

the little haze in the ribbon isle picking up the last few decor items
 the only picture I got of the two little Yhats together

 the rehearsal dinner at Al's sister Erin's house was hosted by nate's family... and it was amazing

Beautiful Ali
the bolen's home was beautiful... the decor was perfect
I did not document this day well. to see more of the splendid event (including ali's "Hen Party") and all the beautiful people who were there visit Caitlin Wilson's Design blog and Allie B's photo's