the Wads

{ So lame that it has taken me so long to post about this glorious event. I have been doing a little blogging strike to get my butt back in to gear with my scripture reading... not quite there yet but this no-blogging was getting out of hand}
so the weekend was a success. the time spent with the girls was much needed. i just dont get enough of cait these days. it was fun to get Livi and Hazel together, we did NOT get enough photos of the babies together. but more importantly... the wedding was perfect. the Bolen's place was the most picturesque venue.  ali was looking beautiful and nate equally handsome.  ali was glowing all day. nate is the perfect match for our little ali girl. i loved being there for every bit of it... i just wish John and Golds had come along.
Mr and Mrs Nathan Wadsworth

there was much work and little play.... out for some supplies

the little haze in the ribbon isle picking up the last few decor items
 the only picture I got of the two little Yhats together

 the rehearsal dinner at Al's sister Erin's house was hosted by nate's family... and it was amazing

Beautiful Ali
the bolen's home was beautiful... the decor was perfect
I did not document this day well. to see more of the splendid event (including ali's "Hen Party") and all the beautiful people who were there visit Caitlin Wilson's Design blog and Allie B's photo's


  1. oh my gosh. ali's parents home is beautiful! love all the pictures - wishing there were more to look at.
    you girlies are darling!
    love you all. very much.

  2. Rachelle...you look SO beautiful in these pictures....you are gorgeous!
    and Hazel isn't half bad too....oh and ali and cait look good too


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