Virginia's for lovers

for lovers of our newest little munns grandbaby boy
Ace Wade Anderson

Emily, Kara and I, with our babies in tow, caught a flight out to Virgina Friday morning to see little Ace. It was so fun to get on the plane, the three mamas and our babies. We were a real sight to behold.

First stop was the hospital to see Erika and Ace
Proud Grandmother of 42 (this being #41)... yes there has been another since
blog edit.... it is official... we have too many grandbabies that I have lost track... 
there are actually only 41 and this was #40
the girls visiting with Auntie and Grandma

We had a great time with the Anderson kids at home.  We went to the park and had lunch with them on saturday and then Kara Shanda and I went to Lexington to do a little shopping. 
good little shopping girls

Lottie and Haze got to spend a little bit of time with Ace while we were there too.

that didn't last too long


  1. oh that post is too cute!!! nut a correction...Ace was # 40...Makayla is #41 and Shand's babe will be # 42

  2. that little babe makes me want mine here. he is adorable!
    ha. he makes hazel and charlotte look huge.


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