a little hitler

I know that sounds bad but... seriously... she looks a little like him
open this picture and see how she applied mascara to her perfect little unibrow 

oh she looks so pretty


  1. awesome...just awesome- jade loves my makeup she loves to use my brushes and get it all over herself, the walls, her hands...what girls we have

  2. haha that is so funny. and that backyard of yours looks so dreamy. i'm so jealous of john's garden and all!

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  4. Hey Shelly I just had fun catching up on your blog! I think your girls are to die for!I wanted to ask a question about your friends wedding. I am trying to find a "cute" grey dress for my sisters wedding and I will be about 6 months pregnant for it. Do you know where any of your friends got their grey dresses? You all looked so beautiful! Anyway, hope you dont mind me asking and I hope life is going great!

  5. This girl cracks me up! She is such a beauty.


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