Ali and Nate are getting married in the morning. It's been so great be here in Vancouver seeing everyone and catching up. We are so happy Cait and Livi can be here. We have got a lot to do today... But first things first. We had to get our nails done.

Isn't she looking so beautiful. She already has the wedding day glow.

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oh this face of hers

She is perfect

back to the beach baby

The weather has warmed up and we are back in the beaching mode... sorta... Goldie was over it after about 15 minutes and started walking back up to the boardwalk. We are easing Hazey into it with short little trips. Before this she had only been to the beach one time before, I think, with her Grammy Hyde when she was just a few days old.
Sweet beach faces, Hazel... you have a cute face and a perfect profile

John is such a good dad. he is so good with the babies. Goldie loves her dad and it's no wonder.

our little family of four

egg dying is not for 2 year olds

over rated... doesn't quite work when holding a baby and trying not to stain everything in reach.  The little girls did get to finish one egg each and they carried it around the rest of the night in their tea cups.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Morning we went to the Haught's house for some amazing stuffed french toast and an Easter Egg hunt. This year was low key... we usually have hundreds of eggs and dozens of cousins searching for them frantically. There's usually tears and trading, stealing and stashing.... this Easter there was none of that. It was fun to have the kids slowly search for the most obviously placed eggs but I missed the competition and mayhem that ensues when the gates are open for the Easter egg hunt at my dad's with the whole Munns Crowd.

basket ready... she's looking excited (psych)
once again... she can barely contain herself... meanwhile Kate is looking like an Easter Dream Come True with her white gloves.
this kid knew just what to do!

The little girls got the hang of it and Goldie ended up loving it!

Hazel is 6 months

I cant believe my teeny one is 6 months already. She is such a sweet little girl. We love her so much. She couldn't be a better baby.

how 'bout those teeth!
 a little photo documenting on her 6 month birthday! We are so grateful for this adorable baby.
Happy 6 months!
 Goldie was out of there when the camera came out!