the real florida

on Sunday we took a well needed drive down to Sebastian Inlet. We drove to a little beach and got out for a bit. Goldie LOVES the beach. In fact anything to do with water.... swimming, bathing suits, floaties, towels, shovels.... they are all called beach.

{we liked this sign... what makes is the "real Florida"? maybe that it's not Disney?}

Little Hazel stayed covered up and happy on her dad's shoulder until her big sister needed dad to play with her

My little beauty

Its been so fun having Grammy here. We don't want her to go.


  1. Such a beautiful little family!

    I could use some of the "real florida" right about now- we're supposed to have snow tomorrow!

  2. love all of these updates...and I LOVE LOVE little hazel. kiss her for her god-yaht.

  3. She IS a little beauty!! They both are:)

  4. Congrats on the new baby!!! Two girls! How lucky are you!


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