Charlotte Louise Haught

Its official.

I don't have any pictures of mother and baby on my camera...this is the Hyde family photoshoot with baby Charlotte


  1. love the name!
    congrats kara.
    and you by friend, dont even look pregnant! not fair.

  2. i was dying to know the name! so cute. tell her congrats from me!

  3. i love that goldie was getting this practice with a pretend little sis. so cute. hopefully it went over well! considering the fact that olivia holds her babydoll by the leg and pretends it's a phone, i'm not sure how we're gonna do....

  4. Amy was my tech!! What a doll of a baby. . .I bet this makes you SO anxious to get your little out ASAP! Good luck the next few days. . .totally thinking about you tons!

  5. Obviously love the name! (Charli's actuall name is Charlotte) I can't wait to see your little lovie when she comes!! I had no idea you were so close, you seriously don't look like you could possibly be 9 months pregnant!!


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