Hazel loves her Dad

I love those little footprints

The second night in the hospital was ROUGH. The girl wanted to eat and I didnt have much to give her at that moment so I let the feeding frenzy go on for about 5 hours... and then... she was done trying and she just started to cry. and cry. and cry. So, my sweet husband who was sleeping on the cozy little fold out arm chair got up and took her from me... he held her and walked with her for a minute and that was all she needed. She just needed her dad to calm her down.


  1. nothing like a daddy's little girl. i bet you guys are in heaven!
    ha, minus the crying.

  2. how sweet is your story- I love how some babies just love their dads.

  3. so sweet. PS i laughed out loud of that picture of goldie in the carseat down below. it's as if she's saying, "mom...this is totally normal. this is mine. just get that baby a new one." hope she's handling little sis like a champ!


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