can't believe it already october 21st

Life has been good. The girls are adorable.

hazels update-- she is weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz, still sleeps most of the day and is wide awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night, she loves a little alone time on the floor on a blanket just to stretch her legs and hang out for a while... i cant get enough of her... she is so perfectly sweet

goldies update-- she wants nothing to do with the toilet, she loves books and bubbles, she shares a crazy obsession with her cousin Kate of anything princess, she has been spotted a few times a day with mid playing or eating or riding along in the car her hands pressed together, eyes closed and her head bowed mumbling "mommy and daddy AMENT" followed by a clapping "hurray"(seriously the cutest thing ever) and...... she can count to 10.

exibit a---princess shoes in both pictures


  1. Love the princess shoes! Could we come by tomorrow to check out the baby?? How's 11?

  2. oh my gosh i want a little princess who sleeps in high heels!!!!

  3. so so cute- I love the quick little update and the pic of the 2 girls together- adorable! ps you look great.

  4. They are both so adorable...I love Goldie sleeping with the princess shoes on. I wish I could come and visit all of you.

  5. John--- Heard my cousin is dating David (I don't know any details so maybe it's not that serious). Anyway, my sister thought it would be funny to show us all your family video posted on Scott's facebook to my Aunt to show her what kind of boy her daughter has on her hands. Too funny! You and your wife have got the moves! P.S. congrats to you both on your new baby girl. Your girls are both beautiful!


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