Rendezvous with the Bowers

While the Bowers were in town we took them to Melbourne onE day and out on the river for an afternoon of fishing.

me and Babe driving the Rendezvous

Glenn and Sue

"Grandma Sue" Loved Goldie

He was built for boating (dang, my babe is handsome)

And born to Fish

It was great to be with the Bowers... we had a relaxing time at Mom and Dad's.

She sits

She knows she is so fancy when she sits by herself.

Goldie with her friend Madison

love those flared nostrils

that hair... John calls it a beaver tail... it has been just growing through the middle of her head

The girl just keeps getting cuter. We are having such a great time with our little peach. She is my little buddy and wants me to hold her every minute... no problem there... I love to hold her. The past week we have been at my parents house with the Bowers, a family from John's mission. It was great to see them... and great to be in St cloud for the week. I love my family.


Fasha and Madashiem (nicknames, compliments of Jordan)

Gold and Rick at the surprise dinner

The girls at the dinner

The Munns men at the church ranch on Monday
Mother"s Birthday weekend was a hit... full of surprises and a ton of SPLIT!!! For the whole run down click http://http//thehaughts.blogspot.com/2008/04/madashiem.html


5K (a little late)

Last Saturday, april 12th, my sisters and some friends ran a 5K and it was so much fun. We are all loving the company in the trend that has swept the munns family. I have to admit that about a month ago I would have called anyone who told me that they actually enjoyed running a sick person. I never thought I would be one. WHo knows how long this phase will last... hopefully long enough to run a longer race. Just for your pleasure Annie... as we were driving home from the 5K last weekend john got on the phone with Danny. As proud as he could have sounded he said to danny... "we're just on our way home from Orlando where shelly ran a 5K today" and danny responded with "thats cool... I'm here where annie is running a half marathon" Sweet! My triumph was short lived! We'll see if I can run longer than a 5K.

the brave souls


my biggest fans

gold and kit

they love each other


Back in Business

Sorry for the delay... We had been "borrowing" the internet from a kind neighbor who i guess moved out last week... so we had to pony up and get the internet ourselves. Besides the fact that Goldie has been sick, once again, with an upper respiratory infection... and had to be back on the nebulizer 4 times a day, we managed to have had some fun the past week... Grandma's pool, the beach, a lunch date with cousins and a photo shoot with Kit. Oh yes, and Goldie has two teeth coming in... that has been interesting.

The kids have so much fun on the splash pad at Grandma and GoDad's house. I cant wait for Golds to join in! Yes, Rusty is wearing a speedo.

Goldie's first time in a swim suit!!! I loved seeing her little body in it!

working her teeth

I can't get enough of that face.

Out at the beach... she had her first mouth full of sand... and I think she liked it

I could just kiss those little lips

We had so much fun out at lunch with the cousins... Kristen and Luke were in town... so we called it a holiday and got together

the cutest little things...