I believe I have been tagged before... and never played... But here I go!


1Having my husband home from work with enough time for a delicious dinner and some quality time with our little girl

2Seeing my baby recognize her dad... and lean for him

3Finding a great priced treasure at Marshalls, T J Maxx or Ross... or any where for that matter


1If Goldie started choking in the car and i couldn't pull over fast enough... really anything terrible that could happen to my baby

2Getting bucked off a horse again and being paralyzed this time

3Having something gruesome and disgusting happen to me for example... falling out of the car and having any exposed skin shredded off of me... sorry so graphic... welcome to my world


1To scan in all of John's baby pictures... oh and another fear... losing all of our pictures. I can seriously lose sleep over the thought of it

2To Finish sewing Gold's Baby blankets

3To finally use the huge bolt of coral print fabric I bought over a year ago at a "couldn't pass it up" price... I have plans for it.


1Chocolate chip cookies... preferably made by kara

2Sadly enough Diet Coke

3My coral earrings from the Basket... i can wear them with anything
sneak a 4th one in being with family

3Random facts

1When I was in 5th grade I had planned and rehearsed Hero by Mariah Carey to sing it for the D.A.R.E talent show with Ashley Roades... lets just say nerves set in. I was on the stage for about45 seconds before I ran off with my face in my hands crying. I still remember all the words though.

2Up until about a year ago my actual birth date was debatable. For all of my life I celebrated my birthday on July 22. but when I went to get my license the birth certificate that we brought said that my birthday was July 23... my mom claimed it was a typo... I accused her of having too many children that she couldn't even remember her 10th child's birthday. There was a little bit of a scene in the DMV when i started crying and telling my mother that i had been living a lie... saying things like "If my birthday was really July 23 I'm not even a Cancer anymore." My mother assured me that it was the July 22nd and that it was just typo on this copy. I wanted to believe her so bad... in my heart of hearts I knew my birthday really was July 22nd.... so I went right on celebrating my birthday on the 22nd. Even though I had July 23rd on my license, I believed in my mother's words... with blind faith. UNTIL, last year... I came across what I thought could possibly have been the original birth certificate and brought it in to right this wrong when i went to get my new FLA drivers license. So I proudly brought the new license AND the birth certificate home to show John the proof that indeed, I was born on my REAL birthday July 22nd.

3Turns out the birth certificate was not the original. The original was lost... so I guess my birthday is still debatable.

now i am going to tag...
Shanda Munns
Aubrey Bundy
Tracy Lewis


everyday gold

THis is life as my baby... the beach... Publix, our grocery store... 2 of our favorite places

our perfect looking baby

we had a little photo shoot for the Anderson's documentation of how beautiful Gold is (and her dad)

She's pierced

we had all promised that we wouldn't pierce with out each other... so Leah was in town for the wedding and that meant... yes we had to do it. It was seriously nerve racking for all of us. we were a circus act in Claire's... But all went well and now my doll face has earrings.

before and after
we went first because we knew what we wanted... GOLD
i love this picture of my beautiful daughter... she always crosses her feet just like this... she is getting so big.
they had no idea what was coming


Goodbyes are always hard

This weekend was rough... the Anderson crew took off for their biggest adventure yet. Their mini van was packed full of kids and snacks... when they pulled out of the driveway at around 7pm on Friday to make their trip to Virgina. Mother was right behind them pulling a U-Haul trailer behind Ty's truck. They decided just 2 days before the drive that Mom would need to help with the drive so that Erika could tend to little Tee. The caravan trudged on all through the night. The week before the departure was action packed... including a very, very, irresponsibly late sleepover at mom and dads where we played a long game of taboo and had our very own America's next top model photo shoot... no one will ever see those pictures. We will miss our Andersons!!!

THeir last FHE... grandma and godad with the babies

this is the beginning of the sleepover...
innocently taking pictures while we Tabooed

things went down hill from there.


Mr and Mrs Jordan and Shanda Munns

Shanda looked amazing...the dress was a dream... and the groom, a hunk.

Shanda asked him nicely to cut his hair

Sisters and the bebes

It was fun to have a reason to all dress alike again.

What a good looking group of men.

G and Kate

"Malolds" and her uncle Jordan right before the newly weds drove off for their honeymoon aka the 12 hour drive to Virgina where Jordan had to be for his classes to start on Wednesday.