Goodbyes are always hard

This weekend was rough... the Anderson crew took off for their biggest adventure yet. Their mini van was packed full of kids and snacks... when they pulled out of the driveway at around 7pm on Friday to make their trip to Virgina. Mother was right behind them pulling a U-Haul trailer behind Ty's truck. They decided just 2 days before the drive that Mom would need to help with the drive so that Erika could tend to little Tee. The caravan trudged on all through the night. The week before the departure was action packed... including a very, very, irresponsibly late sleepover at mom and dads where we played a long game of taboo and had our very own America's next top model photo shoot... no one will ever see those pictures. We will miss our Andersons!!!

THeir last FHE... grandma and godad with the babies

this is the beginning of the sleepover...
innocently taking pictures while we Tabooed

things went down hill from there.

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  1. what a good time we are! does anyone wonder why we are obsessed with eachother?


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