munns girls cruising 2010

4 years ago the Munns girls took a WICKED trip to NYC. It was fantastic ( minus the trip to the ER with baby Austin... or was that 3 trips? ). We had so much fun that we said we were going to have a girls trip every year from then on.... well, 4 years later and about 15 grandbabies later, we FINALLY made a Munns Girls trip happen again, thanks to the gracious, Mother and Father Munns. This year we took a Cruise on the Disney Wonder. It was Awesome. Every day was welcomed with a special delivery to our staterooms from Dad. Each package was full of treats and trinkets and included a sweet letter from the Man himself. It was so fun having Dad along... We will never have a Girls trip with out him again.

Thursday morning were met up at the port and we given our cute matching bags and Cruising Gear (including these adorable tees (thanks Kara)) the Party Began
aka... the eating began.

first show, The Golden Mickey's
babies were perfectly behaved, show was Superb

nassau (overrated) by day

pirate partay by night
who needs alcohol to party?

Castaway Key by day 

 mamas with babes in tow

Dad came out to the island with all of the girls while Mom got a facial back at the spa on board (doesnt sound like my mother? you're right, Dad won it in the BINGO game the night before... Mom says she will not be doing that again)
the water was cold and Hazel needed her mother so I didnt even get in... 
it was great to soak up the sun for a bit
sweet heavenly Basil
 the ladies without kids were living it up on the island... bike riding, reading on the beach and exploring

 Captain's dinner, a show and Gaming by night

love the serious contemplation over dessert

the two men on board with us
the show was great... babies were even better
 the games were intense... but in the end we still love each other
hazey with her GrandMUNNS

Thank you Mom and Dad for the amazing trip. Im a lucky girl to be a part of your family. Love you.
the cruise was amazing... food delish... entertainment top notch...
but the company was by far my favorite part
until next year. 

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its been too long

there has been a lot happening in our neck of the woods.  we are just about settled in our new place...and i, hopefully, am done at the end of this crazy streak of bad luck.