I never knew how much I really liked Halloween. I guess having a baby doll to dress up makes all the difference

Our ward "trunk or treat" was great! We had been gone all day Saturday and Kara and Sam (thanks again) had Little G! So we drove in to town and right over to the church where we were reunited with our little Chick! She was a real hit! SHe absolutely loves being in that chicken suit!
the after party!

Goldie knows how to Keep it real! Here she is climbing in to her favorite chair! SHe also happens to have a favorite book... the little picture book of Lake Powell 06'.

Last Monday we had our FHE pumpkin carving. Our family pumpkins had a theme... we had ears. Due to the insane amount of moisture here in FLA they lasted about 4 days before our pumpkins were growing fuzz out of their ears and mouths... it was nasty.


Cousin's Lunch

We had yet another wonderful lunch with our cousins and aunts. It was so fun eating all of the delicious food and having great conversation... and of course seeing each other's babies. We missed you all that weren't there. Thanks for all of the effort put in to making this happen. Love you Guys!

the getting there was a blast too!

What could be better for a 2 hour drive than a diet coke and a bench seat! This is seriously one of my favorite things.. even when we don't have the rest of her 9 seats in her truck occupied we sit like this!

You've got to do what you've got to do.. the lollipop worked


Oct 23 2008

For the FIRST time today Goldie...

  • Did her own version of "spider" on a swing with Kate
  • Threw pine cones into the canal with the big kids
  • Went down the slide at the park all by herself (I did catch her at the bottom)

oh and ...

  • Fell off the bed... don't worry, the trunk at the end of my bed broke the fall with her face (she looks rough)

These 2 love each other

these pics were snapped before the big fall


The girl loves that car

Goldie is getting so big, so mobile, and so smart. She walks around this house, or any house for that matter, like she owns the place. For about a week after she learned to walk she would walk with her hands up in chorister-like positions. Now-a-days she is walking around so relaxed with her shoulders down and her belly out and her head bobbing that she almost looks intoxicated. SHe is so COOL! She had found a new love for books. We have always read books with her but she is really in to them now. When I find a minute to get down and play with her sure enough, she grabs a book and hands it to me to read to her... she mostly just likes to hear me talk about what ever page her sticky little fingers turn to. It s all the same to me. What ever makes her happy makes me happy. But I have to say... this little Cozy Coupe Car is the newest thrill for her. She is now getting around well enough that she can get in an out like she has been doing it all her life. She knows she is really fancy when she does it. Man, I love that Girl!


Birthday Partay!

on her very day of birth... Aunt Vanessa surprised her and Kara with cupcakes. it took her a minute to warm up to the whole idea of people singing... and she had no interest in eating the cupcake.

Rusty, on the other hand, did. And Isa too.
We had a little family party for the girls.Goldie Loved all of her presents... especially the surprise visit from Grammy and Papa (and of course the darling little squeeker shoes Grammy brought.)

Jesse was in Miami for a job interview (yeah baby) so on Saturday we drove half way to meet him for dinner. Luckily Grammy and Papa didn't bring their current passports so we were able to have them 2 days longer.

Sundays are the perfect days for a walk on the beach

and what can be better than a walk on the beach with Grammy and Papa
A wonderful weekend... we loved having you Mark and Anne.


My one year old

So my baby's 1st birthday has come and gone... i cant believe that she has been here for a year. In some ways it seems like I cant remember life before her .... but then i can remember the night she was born like it was yesterday. She is our little princess. She is such a happy, strong willed, busy body. She has a great sense of humor already. She and her dad can make funny faces at each other and laugh out loud all day. Some of my favorite things about her are... her beautiful, curly, goldish hair and those dark brown eyes... her cute little voice that i hear all day long as she tells me about the things she is working on... the fact that she loves to play with my hair, and her own...I Really love it when she gets tuckered out and just wants her mama to hold her. I love everything about my baby girl.

John's parents were able to fly in for the birthday party. She has had so much fun spending time with her Grammy and Papa. Our little doll face has the great honor of sharing October 9th with her aunt, my little sister, Kara. Kara is notorious for her "birthdays". She celebrates all month long... her birthday week leading up to it is full of birthday breakfasts, birthday lunches... followed by birthday shopping trips (or birthday returns).... and of course her many birthday dinners... Yes for a whole week. And for the remainder of the month, any occasion that we eat out or we decide to do anything that is not the daily grind it is deemed a birthday _____ (you name it.) thank heavens for October 9th. With out it 2 of my favorite people in this whole wide world would have to have been born on the 8th or the 10th. Happy Birthday Kara and Goldie!


Golds is up to her old tricks again

It gets real crazy at Aunt Kara's house

but it's safe to say that a dance party will ensue

The girl has got rhythm

Yes the Golds is officially walking... She is cruising around like an old pro. Today I was working in the kitchen and here she came just walking around the corner.... like she's been doing it her whole life. I can't believe she is almost one! Too fast.


Wedding Central no. 2

The Tanner wedding in San Diego was a real party. John and I met each other at the San Diego Airport on Friday at 1:30... G and I had been there for about 2 hours and had already gotten our luggage rented the car, stopped at 7eleven for a Diet AND been to the park before John got in at 1:30pm... at about 3:45pm we pulled up to a gorgeous condo right on the beach in Oceanside, compliments of the brides family. We headed down to the beach for official beach time for the wedding party then out to dinner with the "newlyest" weds, but not for long, the McCartneys and the Dahls. The next day was pretty full with wedding and partying... until about 8:30pm when we pulled away from out amazing accommodations in our Pontiac Vibe to head back to the airport for our 14 hour excursion back to FLA. It was a short trip but man, was it worth it.
September 19 2008

Lots of pics at Balboa Park

I could just eat this baby up

Soon to be Mr and Mrs

While we were waiting for our table we stopped in at a little boutique and found this red hat.. Gold wore it the whole time we were browsing so... her dad had to get it for her... she loves it so much she wore it all during dinner and will wear it for hours around the house. She is SO cool.

We went over to the Tanner's for a dessert and the Slideshow
Sept 20 2008
Me and my baby waiting outside of the temple

Goldie loves her dad

The ring ceremony was held just outside of our condo on a walkway that backed up to our place

A beautiful reception was held on the roof of our condo... the weather was beautiful

a crazy little picture for you Jake Dahl...