My one year old

So my baby's 1st birthday has come and gone... i cant believe that she has been here for a year. In some ways it seems like I cant remember life before her .... but then i can remember the night she was born like it was yesterday. She is our little princess. She is such a happy, strong willed, busy body. She has a great sense of humor already. She and her dad can make funny faces at each other and laugh out loud all day. Some of my favorite things about her are... her beautiful, curly, goldish hair and those dark brown eyes... her cute little voice that i hear all day long as she tells me about the things she is working on... the fact that she loves to play with my hair, and her own...I Really love it when she gets tuckered out and just wants her mama to hold her. I love everything about my baby girl.

John's parents were able to fly in for the birthday party. She has had so much fun spending time with her Grammy and Papa. Our little doll face has the great honor of sharing October 9th with her aunt, my little sister, Kara. Kara is notorious for her "birthdays". She celebrates all month long... her birthday week leading up to it is full of birthday breakfasts, birthday lunches... followed by birthday shopping trips (or birthday returns).... and of course her many birthday dinners... Yes for a whole week. And for the remainder of the month, any occasion that we eat out or we decide to do anything that is not the daily grind it is deemed a birthday _____ (you name it.) thank heavens for October 9th. With out it 2 of my favorite people in this whole wide world would have to have been born on the 8th or the 10th. Happy Birthday Kara and Goldie!


  1. ohh shells you are the greatest brithday celebration giver a girl could ask for!!! I just cant wait to take that brithday compadre out on our many birthday extravaganzas.

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Goldie Girl!...and KARA!!! I love you guys. All of you. Miss you and can't wait to see you soon soon soon.

  3. haha at kara's birthday month! happy birthday goldie! seems like yesterday i was visiting in the hospital!

  4. Happy Birthday Goldie! You are such a beautiful girl. We wish we could have been there for the big day...your cousins miss you so much. Ellie and Lauren love to look at the videos of you. We love you!

  5. Happy Birthday little Goldie, what a doll you are!
    My mom is the exact same way with her birthday month! It's a bit ridiculous. Although it has come in handy when I get her present to her late, I just say I'm helping to extend the birthday! lol!


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