Wedding Central no. 2

The Tanner wedding in San Diego was a real party. John and I met each other at the San Diego Airport on Friday at 1:30... G and I had been there for about 2 hours and had already gotten our luggage rented the car, stopped at 7eleven for a Diet AND been to the park before John got in at 1:30pm... at about 3:45pm we pulled up to a gorgeous condo right on the beach in Oceanside, compliments of the brides family. We headed down to the beach for official beach time for the wedding party then out to dinner with the "newlyest" weds, but not for long, the McCartneys and the Dahls. The next day was pretty full with wedding and partying... until about 8:30pm when we pulled away from out amazing accommodations in our Pontiac Vibe to head back to the airport for our 14 hour excursion back to FLA. It was a short trip but man, was it worth it.
September 19 2008

Lots of pics at Balboa Park

I could just eat this baby up

Soon to be Mr and Mrs

While we were waiting for our table we stopped in at a little boutique and found this red hat.. Gold wore it the whole time we were browsing so... her dad had to get it for her... she loves it so much she wore it all during dinner and will wear it for hours around the house. She is SO cool.

We went over to the Tanner's for a dessert and the Slideshow
Sept 20 2008
Me and my baby waiting outside of the temple

Goldie loves her dad

The ring ceremony was held just outside of our condo on a walkway that backed up to our place

A beautiful reception was held on the roof of our condo... the weather was beautiful

a crazy little picture for you Jake Dahl...


  1. WOw you guys have had a busy summer! Looks like fun though. We live here in Fallon now so we definately need to meet up when you come down for your next visit!

  2. john is too cute with that little goldie girl! have more babies! and i want to see you soon! :)


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