Easter Surprise

It was an eventful day at the Munns Ranch... lots of food was consumed and some news was shared... Kara is Preganant with #2! The soon to be "Big Brother" told the news with the homemade onsie Kara whipped up... It was a real hit!

Heather's baby Lillie

We had an informal shower for Heather, the day before she went in to have her baby! It was nice to be with the girls and hey, who can turn down a pedicure and cheese fries from Outback?

3 of Erika's 4

Avery in the piggies... "lobs" to swim. Jett with the missing tooth. And Fat Jiggity Jo(Josie June).

Home Again Home Again

SO we were able to go home to Florida for a bit last week for Easter. The weather was great and it was so good to see all the little kiddies and of course my sisters.

The Roof

Mom and Dad Munns were in town for conference weekend and we went to The Roof (a family favorite.) If you haven't been yet... it is a must! The view is awesome and the food is great.