Sweet Hazelnut

Good morning sunshine

Sweet little Basil.
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Bottle junkies

These girls can't get enough of their bottles
Moving...excuse the mess
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love that haze

and she loves her dad


zoo day with the wards

Leah and her family came home for New years for a week or so. We, of course hit up the Brevard Zoo. It was a cold day (aka in the 50's... that is freezing for us folks down here)  so we lasted about 45 minutes. Just enough time to see the beloved giraffes and by request, the alligators.

 and of course our turtle shots

and then... just as we thought the zoo day was over... on our drive home kara called to tell us to turn down her street for some wild manatee action...

what the...this tiny little canal that I didnt even knew exsisted was full.. I mean packed with piles of manatees. it was crazy... cars were stopping and people were getting out of their cars. it was quite a sight.

i tried my darndest to get a good picture of atleast a snout of one... and then...
this beauty came alive

it was crazy. never seen anything like it.

new years... r f munns style

every year my dad has a killer firework show off the end of his dock... thanks to sam and his pyromaniac self.
this new years we had a smorgasbord of soups and warm beverages before heading down to the lake for the display

my girl's curls were at their finest

Hazel taking cover with auntie Erika

Declan is getting pretty excited

the show started with the little boys setting some stuff like smoke bombs, black cats and roman candles

and then...

this is how much goldie likes fireworks...
not at all... these two ended up in the house watching the rest of the show from the 2nd story lanai 

her name and her blessing

Hazel Anne Hyde

My mother labored long and hard over this beautiful dress. Hazel looked adorable.

Two years ago we hopped on a plane for the first time with our brand new baby Goldie. It was a successful trip. Our little fussy Goldie was somehow a dream baby on the flight and the whole way to her Grammy and Grandpa's. On Christmas night we held a little devotional in Mark and Anne's beautiful new home. During this lovely gathering John was joined by his father and his older brothers in giving a perfect blessing of good health and spiritual strength to our little Goldie Hart Hyde.  Our meeting was closed with our family kneeling in prayer in which Mark blessed and dedicated their new home. Since that time we have had many meaningful devotionals, prayers, and scripture studies in their home.  We have enjoyed many delicious and beautiful meals... we've played many games and watched our children run and play together in their home. Our Family has become stronger and closer together in their home. On Christmas night of this year  I watched and listened as my wonderful husband, joined by his grand father, father and brothers, gave my pretty little baby, Hazel Anne Hyde, a beautiful blessing. Hazel  was blessed with a faithful, healthy, full life. It was a comforting thing to know that there I was, watching my worthy husband give, once again, a perfect blessing to our second little one. I'm thankful for Mark and Anne's home and the spirit that is maintained there.

I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the surest thing...the clue we have that makes sense of this life. Life is so good knowing that I can be with my family forever.  I am so grateful for the plan that our Father has for us and for the essential part the Savior has in it.  What better time in the whole year to bless my tiny babes than the time we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

can you tell these girls are sisters?


christmas morn

on christmas morning we woke up at a rather decent hour and opened our stocking at our own pace. uncle jesse's flight got in at 11am and the opening of gifts under the tree were to commence upon his arrival. So Goldie enjoyed her stocking thoroughly.

the girl ate 10 pieces of chocolate before breakfast
thata girl Golds

and then there were presents...

it was so fun to see her opening her presents
i cant believe how much more exciting it was for her than it was on her birthday just a few short months before.

our teeny little pumpkin wasnt too in to her new hat her daddy gave her

christmas pjs

We wrapped the jammies for Gold to open on Christmas Eve
our little Hazelnut is getting so big