christmas out west 09

the night we got to Fallon was a late one... the girls were up several times after getting to bed past 1am... 3am Florida time.... needless to say we slept in and took it easy on Sunday morning. when Goldie finally work up she was so excited to see snow outside.... we ate breakfast and bundled up in whatever we could find to go out in to the snow. Mark and Anne's property was like a winter wonderland... it was so beautiful


  1. Oh my gosh! These pictures remind me so much of where I was born and my family is from originally. My family has a ranch in Wyoming and these pictures remind me of that home. I'm super jealous. I would have loved to have one of those Christmas' this year. Fun.

  2. love these pictures shelly! such a cute little family!

  3. Wow, gorgeous. You understand. When you live in a green place and see stuff like that....wow, how beautiful. Cute family shot out in the snow, too!


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