zoo day with the wards

Leah and her family came home for New years for a week or so. We, of course hit up the Brevard Zoo. It was a cold day (aka in the 50's... that is freezing for us folks down here)  so we lasted about 45 minutes. Just enough time to see the beloved giraffes and by request, the alligators.

 and of course our turtle shots

and then... just as we thought the zoo day was over... on our drive home kara called to tell us to turn down her street for some wild manatee action...

what the...this tiny little canal that I didnt even knew exsisted was full.. I mean packed with piles of manatees. it was crazy... cars were stopping and people were getting out of their cars. it was quite a sight.

i tried my darndest to get a good picture of atleast a snout of one... and then...
this beauty came alive

it was crazy. never seen anything like it.


  1. i am a little jealous all of you went to the zoo without us. i am a lot jealous i didn't get to see the manatees! :)
    i love the kids peeking through the turtle wall

  2. those little girls of yours are adorable! julian already calls dibs on little hazel! she is so cute! wish we lived close to one another. oh and i love hazels blessing dress, so precious.

  3. there's just nothing like catching a moment like that...what a fabulous place you live in. 50 sounds fantastic right now!

  4. I'm really interested yet very confused about those manatee's.. could you give me some more info about that please??

  5. Mmmm nothing like a good manatee bbq...beef of the sea


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