new years... r f munns style

every year my dad has a killer firework show off the end of his dock... thanks to sam and his pyromaniac self.
this new years we had a smorgasbord of soups and warm beverages before heading down to the lake for the display

my girl's curls were at their finest

Hazel taking cover with auntie Erika

Declan is getting pretty excited

the show started with the little boys setting some stuff like smoke bombs, black cats and roman candles

and then...

this is how much goldie likes fireworks...
not at all... these two ended up in the house watching the rest of the show from the 2nd story lanai 


  1. looks like fun! aidan used to yell at you to get inside if fireworks were going off, now he just cries hysterically. him and goldie can hang out. :)

  2. Ohh geez. Sam risking his life for a good show!


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