Early November

At the beginning of this month there was a chance that a tropical storm would come through... luckily the only thing we felt of the storm as it passed us by was a lot of wind... which made for a lot of waves. We went down to the beach to check out the waves and the boardwalks and beach entries we all boarded up because the waves were crashing up against the dunes. It was a pretty sweet sight. Oh life is good at the beach!

Clothing provided by Aunt Tuna and Aunt Kitty

Notice the water all the way up and under the walkway we were standing on.

Goldie loves her dad

For the past 2 weekends we have been in Saint Cloud for the Harmony High School football games to support Tyler in his great coaching success. We are in the semi finals next weekend... Go Longhorns! The weekend of the 17th a cold snap came through so we were all bundled up for the game...

Goldie and her Go Dad... She was not happy about being so cold
Thawing out after the game
More Goldie

We love our baby.

Monday Nov 19th

On Monday of last week the kids in Saint Cloud didnt have school so they came over our way.

The Beach!
Yes, I know we are living in the Sunshine State but it is still a little crazy that we were at the beach 3 days before Thanksgiving.

She is our little beach baby! She was so good just laying on the blanket under the umbrella.

John came by on his lunch break to see us.

It was a little tricky to get down the boardwalk with the gear and the baby... so I just packed her up too. She was happy until I kicked sand into my bag and all over her!

The Boat!
The Quigleys bought a boat! John and I went after the beach and picked it up from the boatyard and drove it up the river to their dock. I was loving it. Ever since we moved here i have longed each time we pass over the causeways to be out on the river... the day came. The Rendezvous treated us well.

John was born to drive the Rendezvous

We stopped and picked up the kids to take them for a spin

Look how handsome


Fussy little Goldie

Goldie at one week... this was just to warm us up for what was in store

So Goldie is colicky... she cries and cries, eats, sleeps and cries and every once in a while she'll squeak out a smile or two... we still can't get enough of her though but we haven't been taking too many pictures... here are the only recent ones.

Cousin Claire loves little Goldie and wants to hold her all the time

Our horrible adorable! She is getting so big already!


Goldie Goldie Goldie

Just trying out the video options here...