A stay in Utah

Before heading to Nevada for my Hyde family reunions
Kara and I cooked up a stay in Utah with VQ and her family.
I got to see my little Olivia Jane Wilson.
We did some outdoorsy activities and visited with some people we love.
It was a grand ole time.

A sleep over with the J N Munns family

there was a lot of this going on
the kids did rather well with the many mini roadtrips

a little HIKE in beautiful Park City

some real grubbing around with cousins


Nicole Carman

While out West Kara and I had
Nicole Carman Christenson
take some pictures for us
She did a great job
Thanks Coco
can't wait to see the rest

Such a little doll

Love those Blue Eyes


Countdown for Baby Wilson

{photo taken by NICOLE CARMAN}
Just 3 more days until Kit and B will welcome their little precious
Just 4 more days until that baby is held by her Aunt Baggie
Can't wait to meet you little princess
We've been waiting a long time for this