a tooth and an update

I can't believe that my baby is almost 6 months old. It has gone so fast already. We are loving our little hazelnut so much. She is adored my her big sister Goldie. She always has a smile for any lucky person that talks to her.  She is so so smiley.  I love it in the morning when she so politely lets me know she is awake and ready for her mama... she starts to stir and makes cute little peeps. as soon as I lift my head enough to see in her little bed she smiles so big. I love to scoop her up and snuggle and kiss and pat my little Hazel. She loves it when I pat on her tummy and poke at her little chest. Goldie was not much of a laughing baby and Hazel isn't too giggly either, especially compared to little Lottie who laughs and laughs and laughs... but I know just how to get my little Hazel to grace us with her perfectly sweet laugh. Oh yes and she is working on a little tooth in the gummy grin of hers... I just spotted it tonight. Oh I love this face.

Goldie Goldie Goldie. She is something else, that girl. She is living up to her name that I often called her when she was a screaming darling little baby, that I loved so much... my horrible adorable.  She is such a smart little thing.  She is constantly surprising her dad and me with the things she says and does. Goldie is a chatty little squirrel.... she is always telling me how things are "much better"... I change her diaper "oh Mom, that's much better" I lay a blanket over her while she's watching a show "That's much better".... i refill her sippy cup "thank you mom, that's much better". Another adorable thing she says is  NO...to everything... not so adorable.  It is an automatic... even when I KNOW she wants it or she has asked for it. So we have introduced "no thank you" into our vocabulary. It's amazing how much more bearable it is to hear "no thank you" even if it is said 17 times by my child that has morphed in to a gremlin.  G loves all things small (and they always have to have a mommy and daddy... rocks, dolls, turtles, leaves... you name it) She loves princesses and shoes (that she often calls her glass slippers) She is always playing pretend.  She and her dad have had many a tea parties in the front room... my favorite thing is when she is pretending there is some sort of crisis for example, her doll has her hand stuck between the wall and her toy chest or her puppy is slipping and need me to grab its paw.  One thing is for sure. Goldie Loves her Daddy. today when John was leaving for work Goldie called to him as he was leaving, "daddy, dont go... I'm going to miss you" We love that Girl. 


the babies

We are so used to calling Goldie and Kate "the babies" around here but I think it's official that they have graduated to "the girls." It has been so fun to see Kate and Goldie become such good friends. They Love each other. (and Austin too) Goldie, since she was able to say her name, has on most mornings, asked first thing for Kitty, or cousins. She loves her "family" as she calls them. As a matter of fact last week she woke up in the middle of the night crying out for Austin. I went in to see what was up and she indeed wanted "Fussy". The very next night the same thing happened only she was calling out for Kitty. And who knew a 2 year old paid so much attention while in the car. She knows when we are almost to Aunt Vanessa's and Decky's house and if we don't turn in to their neighborhood she is beside herself. The Girl loves her family.
I bet Hazey will be the same way... she's off to a great start with her pal Charlotte.
our happy little babes

pretty Luskie
and Oh Bazeel

minding their own business....spotted each other....grabbed a hold
they love each other


my hazey haze

my darling little Hazel.  you are my sweetest pea. you're happiest when in my arms. and thats ok with me.

Chicken lover

We stopped at our friends the Melicks and saw their new chickies or "birdies" as Goldie would say. She was in heaven with this little birdie. There were kisses and pats and lots of high pitched talking going on. She loved that bird.

And there is this kid. Could he be any cuter? I don't think so.

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These 3 were naturals on set while shooting for my dads firms commercials this week. Such little beauties.

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we love to go to my parents house and see all the animals.... goldie loves the donkeys


she loves the bath and her hands

hazel loves a good bath session.
goldie can't get in the bath without hazel now. 
G loves her baby. The first thing she says in the morning, right after she says "I'm awake", is "Where's Hazey?"
these girls are on track to being great friends.

those are some tasty little hands



last month i buzzed out to Phoenix for a quick weekend with the girls to party in honor of the soon to be BRIDE. The weekend was full of unexpected surprises... (misssing my 6am flight out of orlando, spending 9 hours in jfk airport, losing my luggage for the ENTIRE weekend, landing myself in URGENT care on saturday night.... and OF course you guessed... never making it on standby out of Phoenix and having to buy a ticket to get home) We had a beautiful shower at the adorable Krista Tanner's darling home. Although the food was outstanding, and that is usually my main concern, my favorite part was seeing Ali in her moment. I seriously cried 10 times during those couple of hours. I am so happy to hear how happy she is with Nate.  Just hearing her talk about him, and him about her (via Q&A game), made the hellish trip (yes folks... hellish), all worth it. I love you Ali. And I love you Nate Wadsworth for loving my Girl Al.
thank you to krista and her family for the work they put in to this darling shower. 

haze and her god yaht Tuna



 WE were missing kitty too much


Dads razor

Whose kid hasn't had a run in with daddys razor?

The real question is whose kid wants a bandaid on their upper lip to cover their run in?

Goldie cruised around with this bad boy on her lip for the better half of the day, eating, drinking, playing, talking to strangers in Target ... Until it got too soggy to stick (she's got a cold...sick I know)

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my golds loves the park

and i love my golds