Dads razor

Whose kid hasn't had a run in with daddys razor?

The real question is whose kid wants a bandaid on their upper lip to cover their run in?

Goldie cruised around with this bad boy on her lip for the better half of the day, eating, drinking, playing, talking to strangers in Target ... Until it got too soggy to stick (she's got a cold...sick I know)

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  1. nick said it would be cool if she had just a piece of toilet paper on it lol

  2. I loved seeing little g running around target like she loooked totally normal. What a girl!!

  3. Oh Shelly!! This made me laugh so hard! What a funny girl. I can just picture her in the cart at Target, with a bandaid on her lip, probably watching Dora on your iphone. (I hope she is ok)

  4. oh my! seriously? that is scary!

  5. that made me laugh out loud...which is hard to do in the midst of the worst job on earth....packing!! UGH!
    I love that Golds!


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