last month i buzzed out to Phoenix for a quick weekend with the girls to party in honor of the soon to be BRIDE. The weekend was full of unexpected surprises... (misssing my 6am flight out of orlando, spending 9 hours in jfk airport, losing my luggage for the ENTIRE weekend, landing myself in URGENT care on saturday night.... and OF course you guessed... never making it on standby out of Phoenix and having to buy a ticket to get home) We had a beautiful shower at the adorable Krista Tanner's darling home. Although the food was outstanding, and that is usually my main concern, my favorite part was seeing Ali in her moment. I seriously cried 10 times during those couple of hours. I am so happy to hear how happy she is with Nate.  Just hearing her talk about him, and him about her (via Q&A game), made the hellish trip (yes folks... hellish), all worth it. I love you Ali. And I love you Nate Wadsworth for loving my Girl Al.
thank you to krista and her family for the work they put in to this darling shower. 

haze and her god yaht Tuna



 WE were missing kitty too much


  1. Loved this.
    That is the SICKEST picture of Nate and I. EVER
    It was SO fun to have you here in AZ...even though every POSSIBLE thing that could have happened wrong did. You were such a champ and so happy and positive and I cant wait to see you in April!

  2. oh my yahts. can't wait to be there & not just on the iphone. thanks for representing me, xo.

  3. sorry about your bad luck. ali looks so happy! im so thrilled for her :)


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