Trunk or Treat

My little Snow White couldn't have been cuter and of course Cinderella was a little doll

I love these two

a pretty intense "CHEESE" from these little princesses

a little prince checking out our Snow White
{I love the over the shoulder hold }

My little G was a little apprehensive when we showed up and there was a lot of action going on in the gym... but when she got out to the trunks with the treats... she was loving it

this little princess was not happy to wear the costume but she was sure cute


playgroup HALLOWEEN party

Kara and I had a great time taking the girls to our weekly playgroup's Halloween Party. It was the first time we really brought the babies out so it was fun to dress them up as little Halloweenies.

Hazel and Charlotte

Kate is a Great big sister to little Lottie

And Goldie to our Hazel (look at her offering her comfort with her cupped hand)

(no comfort offered here)

SO after the party and before naps we took the girls back to Kara's house and got some cute pictures of our little Halloweenies.

First of all.. How beautiful is this little Hazel!
(thank you Krista Dear for this perfect little black clip)

the teeny little girls... i love those tiny little stripey legs

the big girls watch Dora's Halloween, for the 100th time while we took a few pictures of the babies (more like a hundred)

I love my little Hazely girl

pretty cute

i love these little munchies



H and her beautiful Auntie Vanessa
we were at the doctors office again today... the girl is packing it on.
she is already 8lbs 7oz ... its ok with me... more hazel to love on.

On Saturday we went to the park to feed the turtles and birds. Gold loved it.

Hazel wanted out of her seat

So here is our father of two and his babies


A little smile

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can't believe it already october 21st

Life has been good. The girls are adorable.

hazels update-- she is weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz, still sleeps most of the day and is wide awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night, she loves a little alone time on the floor on a blanket just to stretch her legs and hang out for a while... i cant get enough of her... she is so perfectly sweet

goldies update-- she wants nothing to do with the toilet, she loves books and bubbles, she shares a crazy obsession with her cousin Kate of anything princess, she has been spotted a few times a day with mid playing or eating or riding along in the car her hands pressed together, eyes closed and her head bowed mumbling "mommy and daddy AMENT" followed by a clapping "hurray"(seriously the cutest thing ever) and...... she can count to 10.

exibit a---princess shoes in both pictures


the real florida

on Sunday we took a well needed drive down to Sebastian Inlet. We drove to a little beach and got out for a bit. Goldie LOVES the beach. In fact anything to do with water.... swimming, bathing suits, floaties, towels, shovels.... they are all called beach.

{we liked this sign... what makes is the "real Florida"? maybe that it's not Disney?}

Little Hazel stayed covered up and happy on her dad's shoulder until her big sister needed dad to play with her

My little beauty

Its been so fun having Grammy here. We don't want her to go.

Little darling

Love her little face. She is a little dream.

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