playgroup HALLOWEEN party

Kara and I had a great time taking the girls to our weekly playgroup's Halloween Party. It was the first time we really brought the babies out so it was fun to dress them up as little Halloweenies.

Hazel and Charlotte

Kate is a Great big sister to little Lottie

And Goldie to our Hazel (look at her offering her comfort with her cupped hand)

(no comfort offered here)

SO after the party and before naps we took the girls back to Kara's house and got some cute pictures of our little Halloweenies.

First of all.. How beautiful is this little Hazel!
(thank you Krista Dear for this perfect little black clip)

the teeny little girls... i love those tiny little stripey legs

the big girls watch Dora's Halloween, for the 100th time while we took a few pictures of the babies (more like a hundred)

I love my little Hazely girl


  1. cute pics! I love the tights, and I really love that last picture of you with your little Hazel- so beautiful!

  2. Love that last picture!! That's funny when she cupped her hand and then didn't!! haha Goldie cracks me up.

  3. i love how kate and goldie practically look like teenagers compared to brand new, tiny babies. all 4 girls are so cute!

  4. ADORABLE pics! Love how you dressed sweet Hazel. . .that's got to be the funnest thing in the world to have a sister with kids the same age!

    Missed you guys last night :(

  5. Where do you get their precious hair bows? Do you make them?

  6. so cute.. but that last picture is nothing short of stunning

  7. Oh my goodness these halloween pictures took my breath away..could they be any cuter??? No!!!!


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