My Florida Shower

Mom and Kara were sneaking around a couple of months ago... going on secret shopping trips for my shower... not for the gifts but for theme related goods. It didn't take too long to spoil what they wanted to be a surprise and get me in on all the fun buying going on. The girls planned the most darling and beautiful dream-come-true of a shower for me. A real tea party with all one of a kind antique tea cups and pots. By the end of the collecting of goods we had hit up every antique store within 100 miles of our house and, thanks to a quick trip to Utah during all the shenanigans, the Salt Lake area. The best part of this all is that as soon as Dad got on board with this... he did most of the finding.

These picture really don't do the set up justice.

This was our littlest attendee.. Isabel Quigley.

Vanessa in her best!

Kara couldn't get her hands on that food fast enough.

The mother of all living.

Some people didn't take the invitation seriously when we said "no hats, no service"

Emily and Kara gave out prizes for Best Hat, Best Dressed and Most Casual. Mrs best dressed is in the pink on the left.... Eva was a dream in her 80's Prom dress.

We got tons of gifts.... I wish I had a full belly shot for you folks.

The place was cleaned up by the time we were done opening presents... although Dad's helper was a little grumpy. He's still so cute with such a face on him.It was so fun to do the shopping for the tea sets, the food was out of this world... and of course the dress up part. It was a success... a full house.


September 3, 2005

A little late... John and I tried our darnedest to get celebrating our 2nd anniversary last weekend. We talked about hopping a Jet Blue flight to Puerto Rico... or copying Kara and Sam's anniversary trip to Longboat Key. After deciding that I didn't want to give birth to a duel citizenship baby we decided to celebrate our 2nd year here in Melbourne Florida. There was much talk about taking the 3 and a half hour drive to the Gulf Coast to enjoy the white sanded beaches... we actually were packed and loaded in the car when... No kidding... we live across the street from the beach. Why on earth would we drive 3 hours and pay $200 a night to stay on the beach? We spent our weekend checking out restaurants we have been curious about and not doing dishes. It was a great vacation for us. I just can't believe it has been 2 years already!

I do really wish we had taken pictures this weekend. I have been really into videotaping lately so I have got to figure out how to get my video clips up on this thing and then I can share parts of our weekend... and my steadily growing belly.