Munns Boys Blessing day

Porter Mckay and Jackson Daniel
Today we blessed the 2 newest Munns grandsons. Jackson Daniel Munns, Dan and Emily's little one, and Porter McKay Munns, Ryan and Heather's 6th. It was so great to see all those handsome men in the blessing circle. We are so happy and grateful for the safe arrival of both the handsome little guys.

Somehow we lost Porter and his Mother, Heather, for this photo shoot



20 weeks down... 20 to go

goldie is going to have a little SISTER
we decided this time
around to find out
each phone call I made and said
it's a... GIRL!!!
goldie would cheer and throw her arms up
we are thrilled

The brows

Oh how I LOVE everything about my little girl. Her brows are easy to adore.

My little bath loving baby is quick to strike a pose.


Diaper cream

Have you ever heard of Vusion Cream? Well if you are familiar with it you know that it is magical and heals anything in the diaper and FAST....You would also know that it costs $60 per tube. This little Miss had about a $15 snack of Vusion... I couldn't help but scream when I found her sucking on the top of the tube. She knew she was in trouble.

It didn't take long for both of us to cheer up.... nothing a good bath couldn't take care of



Lately G has been having some "tude"... I am afraid to say fits for fear that they will change in to real fits. When things get rough for little Gold and she is sad and crying and thrashing around on the couch or the kitchen floor or behind the bathroom door the most simple cure is just the mention of seeing our cousins. She is instantly nodding and trying to smile through tears and gremlin faces (the faces that accompany the "tude").

She loves her cousins... all of them


Meow for Kitten's baby

The last weekend in April I made another trip out West to celebrate Caitlin's baby girl.
I flew in on Wednesday night to help get ready for the shower we were throwing for Kit at Krista's Dad's house in Alamo. Thursday morning Ali and Avery flew in and we got right to work on the amazing feast we had to prepare for our guests. The night could not have gone better. The house was beautiful and the decor perfect. The food was out of this world.

the beautiful guests

ok so things did get a little wild

For the amazing menu and recipes click here

And Then the next morning we hit the road for Krista's mom's beach house in Carmel. This place lived up to all its hype. It was beautiful there. The weather was perfect for a relaxing weekend with the girls.

We couldn't get enough of Nertz
or our sweats if you couldn't tell

Al in the convertible... this one's for you Brett

Krista... thank you for all you did for the shower and our great weekend. Thanks to the folks too!

I can't wait to meet this little Princess Wilson. I can't wait to hold your baby Cait.

Hyde and Knudson Sisters weekend

In April the Hyde ladies were able to hook up with the Knudson sisters for a great weekend in Park City. We had so much fun eating and crafting and just being able to be together. I loved being there with the girls. Thank you Anne and Wendy for a wonderful weekend.

Beading all day and all night.

The Knudson Girls and our very own Anne Hyde

Annie was our designated driver

I loved the time we had together. I wish we were not across the country from each other. Love you girls.


Happy Mother's Day to ME

My man really pulled through this year.
I am in heaven.
I am sad to not have ALL my pictures but this is nice fresh start.
(we have an external HD that we did find a few files on)

Speaking of Mothers...

I'm not so sure I am ready for all this again...

(oct 9th 2007... This is one of my favorites)
But I know I am ready for this....
OCT 11th cant get here fast enough

Goldie Hart Hyde will be a big sister.

Happy Mother's Day

I am so grateful for the mothers in life. I find strength from these women that I have been blessed to be able to look to.

uncle tim, grandmother, mom

My Mother and stunning Grandmother, Josephine, are so much alike and I have to say that in the past few years I have realized how, in so many ways, I too am like my wonderful mother... From my word choice, story telling and hand gestures. Today I read a letter my sweet father wrote to my mother in honor of Mother's day. In it he wrote of all the wonderful qualities that make up my mom including her spiritual strength, her insane generosity, and her beauty. He wrote about the similarities she has with her mother. I Loved hearing it. I loved thinking of the similarities I too have with my darling mom. I am so grateful for the women in my heritage.


It was so fun to have you here for 2 weeks. Sadly enough any pictures I had of your wonderfully lengthy trip have gone up in smoke, literally. So here is to your trip... Love you miss you! Cant wait for your next extended stay!

oh tater tot and little G got along there in the sand

Easter festivities

Easter was a hit and luckily I never erased the pictures off my camera.
We went to my parents house for the most delish meal and the ROYAL egg hunt.

My mother, the professional t.j.max shopper, rounded up these darling
dresses for ALL of her grand babies. She hand stitched the bows on the
little leggings and made each of their hair bows.
The little girls were to die for!

oh my princess loved searching for the eggs.
she is REALLY good at collecting things.