Happy Mother's Day

I am so grateful for the mothers in life. I find strength from these women that I have been blessed to be able to look to.

uncle tim, grandmother, mom

My Mother and stunning Grandmother, Josephine, are so much alike and I have to say that in the past few years I have realized how, in so many ways, I too am like my wonderful mother... From my word choice, story telling and hand gestures. Today I read a letter my sweet father wrote to my mother in honor of Mother's day. In it he wrote of all the wonderful qualities that make up my mom including her spiritual strength, her insane generosity, and her beauty. He wrote about the similarities she has with her mother. I Loved hearing it. I loved thinking of the similarities I too have with my darling mom. I am so grateful for the women in my heritage.


  1. the new imac is really throwing you for one huh!! im so jealous!!

  2. uncle tim looks just like william!!!!


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