Meow for Kitten's baby

The last weekend in April I made another trip out West to celebrate Caitlin's baby girl.
I flew in on Wednesday night to help get ready for the shower we were throwing for Kit at Krista's Dad's house in Alamo. Thursday morning Ali and Avery flew in and we got right to work on the amazing feast we had to prepare for our guests. The night could not have gone better. The house was beautiful and the decor perfect. The food was out of this world.

the beautiful guests

ok so things did get a little wild

For the amazing menu and recipes click here

And Then the next morning we hit the road for Krista's mom's beach house in Carmel. This place lived up to all its hype. It was beautiful there. The weather was perfect for a relaxing weekend with the girls.

We couldn't get enough of Nertz
or our sweats if you couldn't tell

Al in the convertible... this one's for you Brett

Krista... thank you for all you did for the shower and our great weekend. Thanks to the folks too!

I can't wait to meet this little Princess Wilson. I can't wait to hold your baby Cait.


  1. It was SUPER fun to finally get to spend time with you. You are just so hilarious. I can not wait to one day meet your scrumptious (yes, I want to eat her) baby girl.


  2. What a beautiful shower! I will have to check out those recipes. We are so excited for your new little one in the fall!

  3. i never saw this one! thank you for loving me so much to come out west YET again. and thank you for making that one picture a small one- if you know what i mean.


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