Grammy and Papa

Grammy and Papa Hyde were able to come meet Goldie 2 weekends ago. It was so great to have them here. While they were here we took Goldie to the beach so we could collect sea shells for Anne's play she is directing back in Fallon. They were only here for about 48 hours so our pictures were limited... we didn't even get a picture of Goldie and her Grands. We can't wait for them to come again soon.

Handsome Hyde Men
On a mission for sea shells
Mark and Anne
The First (and only) sling trip... she hates it now

Goldie loved the beach!

Goldie Girl

We are loving our little muffin.


Goldie and her Dad

John and his little Goldie girl in the hospital. I just have to tell you that this man was so sweet and concerned through the whole birthing episode. It was a real roller coaster and very emotional but we are just so happy to have our little girl safely here .

This is what John does everyday after work. I have her all nursed up and ready to cuddle with her dad. I had to put that second one up because of those little, crossed legs.
The day we got home from the hospital John had to get back to work so Goldie and I just caught up on some sleep and waited for John to get home. True to form as soon as John walked in the door he was over to pick his little girl up. I happened to come over to them in the kitchen and found this on her tiny little wrist. John had surprised us with Goldie's birthday presents.
Little ID bracelets... Goldie's has her initials, GHH, on the front and mine just says GOLDIE... with her birthday on the backs.
What a man.
Our little peach... with her furry little shoulders.


Goldie Hart Hyde

Goldie was born October 9 at 2:47 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 inches. This is the hallalujah shot.

Mother meets daughter...

After 18 plus hours of labor. Unphased and beautiful.

The Hyde family.

We started at 6:45 a.m. on Monday morning. We were pretty stoked. We had no idea that Shelly wouldn't dialate at all for the next 17 hours. We had her bouncing on this "birthing ball" and pumping the maximum potacin in her veins and checking every hour but nothing...it looked like we were heading for a c-section. Then all of the sudden at 12:30 am the nurse comes and checks and says, you're at a four, no a five, this might be a six! What?! Five minutes later she was at a 7, and 15 minutes after that she was at a 9. Shelly's family had all left at about 1130 and driven back the hour drive to St. Cloud. But they turned right around and were there in time to see little Goldie girl jump out of her mother's womb. It was all very exciting. Thanks for all the prayers. Check out http://www.thehaughts.blogspot.com/ for more Goldie.


Don't be fooled.

So pay no attention to the count down on my Widget Baby... I am no where close to going in to labor. I am still feeling good... no contractions, no pain, just swollen feet... and not showing any signs of having this baby on my own. I will be induced on Monday... So whether the child decides to show up sooner... we will have that baby in our arms sometime, hopefully not long, after Monday morning. We will keep you posted!