my babe has a blog.

 he's smart. he's clever. he's hot. AND now he has a blog.



this little one is always bruised and bumped. here the aftermath of a nasty run in with Aunt V's driveway earlier this month. but hey she is still so cute.
oh how I love these little munchies!

cant believe its just days away

this year we are doing our first Christmas Eve at our own house. Goldie is so excited about Christmas. She loves Santa, Loves baby Jesus candy (her advent calendar), loves Christmas music and LOVES presents.  We are looking forward to our own family traditions. Not sure what they will be yet... any suggestions for a 3 year old to enjoy???
 Goldie's GoDad gave her this tree last year so I put it out for her and she decorated it herself. She loved every minute of it.
admiring her hand-me-down christmas trolls.. they were my favorite when I was younger!


Austin's bday bash

After the seaworld celebration was complete... he had been wanting to go to Sea World for his birthday all year... his Mother threw him a "horseback riding,  campfire" birthday (his 2 requests for the party)
all of the cousins came over to the Haughts and we partook of some good old fashion St Cloud fun
 "Follow Me"
Dec follows
Hen on Preacher
V taking the old guy for a REAL ride
Birthday dreams do come true, Austin!
me and my cowgirl
Auntie taking the little girls for a walk
the beloved chicks





For Austin's 5th birthday we went to Seaworld. It was a blast. Goldie still talks about it and it has been over a month. She especially loved the sea lion show they did. There was a part in the show where the trainer lifted up the sea lion's tail, tickled his bum and said "goochygoochygoo." The kids all laughed so hard. any time they say it they bust in to crazy laughter. I think Austin has over done it at his house though... Im pretty sure his mother has banned any goochygoochygooing in their house. 
this dolphin came right up us and we got to pet his head.
the little girls on a kids ride. they loved it.
the birthday boy on a big kid ride with his dad. love that little face.
during the sea lion show
this picture was taken mid-goochygoo... classic.
me and the sis waiting for the kracken.
I look so old in the pic. crazy.
kitta got a hold of my camera and  took some pics. i love these.

It was a great day. My mother is always so willing to watch our kids. She is so good about it. She acts excited even when she is asked. This was one of the many times she has been so good to watch the babies. Thanks Mother. Hazel and Lottie would have been nightmares if they had come along.


ragnar 2010

central FL ragnar 2010. 201 miles
 It was awesome. So exciting, exhausting, inspiring, fun and miserable.
We talked about happy things, sick things, scary things, hurting things and spiritual things. It was seriously cool.

 fresh faces:off to the first major exchange
the team minus Melissa C
Kate:Colleen:Lindsay:Melissa W
Gina takes off
Everybody runs
WE REST...or try to...then do it again
and AGAIN!

LOOK at me go! I am really proud of this. I used to say that you would never find me running unless I was being chased and here I am willingly running 20plus miles.... and loving it! What a feat. I WILL be doing this again.
 I love Lindsay... met her the night before the race. We are true Sole Sisters!

van 1 ladies
the end